As you may know, I facilitate a free New Moon Intention Setting ritual in our Facebook community every month. 

It’s a chance for us to gather, discuss what the planets are telling us about the energy of the month, and to set intentions for the next 30 days.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for the last couple of days.  

Intention is an idea that often gets tangled up in so many different belief systems and thoughts that it becomes useless. For example, people use the idea of intention to excuse bad behavior. “I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings, I was just making a joke.”

Or they use intention to beat themselves up. “My intention was to make an extra $5000 this month but I didn’t do it, there must be something wrong with me.” 

To understand intention and use it for our highest and best good, we need to go back to basics: what is intention?

Intention is focused energy, supported by belief, and fed with soul desires. These desires support your purpose, brighten your day, and make your heart sigh with contentment. Soul desires are often hidden under layers of ego-driven protection, influenced and shaped by ancestral rules, personal and societal limiting beliefs and fears. Powerful intentions start with taking the time to uncover what your soul really desires for you. 

Once you’ve settled on a desire to pursue and satisfy, you must examine your beliefs. Do you actually think you can have this? 

Sometimes, you need to pull back and make the intention more focused and immediately attainable, growing your belief in the bigger desire month after month. For example, in order to hold a 7-figure income, you must first learn to hold a 6-figure income, and before that $6k months. Each is a step to the big vision. 

Sometimes you need to examine what your family or society taught you“Be grateful for what you have,” was always a big one in our family. And I am. But with that came the unwritten rule, “And don’t ask for more.” I’ve had to untangle and release those directives to create room for more of my desires and  a better life. 

Sometimes you need to look at competing desires. As a witch in a past life I deal with a lot of “stay hidden” messages. This really fucks with my ability to reach more women and my mission to help more women make more money. I’ve done a lot of work to release the bitter vows of hiding and claim my visibility. 

When your beliefs and your desires align, it is easy to focus your energy on your intention. To carry it with you each day, allowing it to guide your actions and your plans, drawing it to you, closer each day. 

I’m curious, what is your intention for this month? This year? This life? 

With all my heart,

 PS. Our next New Moon  Intention setting is Monday, November 13 at 12 noon PST in our Facebook group

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