For the first two weeks of December, I guided our Facebook community through an intention – setting ritual for 2024:  the Name Your Year Ritual.

I also participated, gathering information regarding my highest and best intention for the coming year, as I worked through each of the 10 meditations.

During the meditation for day 8, “Connecting With Your Inner Goddess”,  I was transported to that other realm, where the Goddesses speak to those who will listen. 

“Yes,” they told me, “the goddess lives with each woman; yet, we Goddesses are also deities in our own right. We exist in spirit realms, and you may call upon us to walk with you, supporting you as you birth your magic into the world, day, after day, year after year.

“We delight in being with you humans. We delight in bringing our magic. The fiery passion of Pele, the gentle compassion of Green Tera, the abundance of Abundantia. And so many more.”

The Goddesses asked me to spend more time with my paints, capturing their essence. They want me to bring them into my business plans. And the “Getting to Know the Goddesses” quest I released in our Facebook group last year? They want me to do it again. They want to know YOU!

This is a different energy than when I speak to the Energy of my Business and the Energy of Money, both of whom are trusted advisors. They inform me about next right steps and teach me how to use energy to get the results I want. The Goddesses, on the other hand,  want to be understood and honored. Then they give their gifts.

And just being in their presence feels… Divine! 😊

So, I am claiming 2024 as the Year of Walking with the Goddesses.

This summer, we’ll host a Goddess Retreat. I will also bring back the Goddess Quest in our group, as I am excited to learn more about them, to be with them, and toshare the  Goddesses together.

I’d love to know what you named your year. If we haven’t connected to chat about it, send me a note and let me know.

To an abundant, connected, and joyful New Year!

With all my heart,


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