Are you ready...


For a magical multisix-figure business that honors your Divine Feminine?

That flows in sync with your natural rhythms…

 Allows you to express the witch, source-erous, priestess in you…

And magnetically attracts your soul-aligned clients…

Opening the flow of money...

And leaving a lasting impression on the planet?

Now is the time to claim your birthright business.


During the past few years we have witnessed a great breaking open of the world.

We collectively paused,  locked down at the start of the pandemic.

As the initial shock wore off, we began to reimagine how life, and business, might go on.

When the world broke, magic spilled out. Mama Earth’s voice sang for us to rediscover our innate ability to connect, align and create from our Soul’s Desires…

The Energy of Money swirled and found new ways to come to us, as we found new ways to craft our purpose into businesses.


There has never been a time more ripe for doing business your way, and making a lot of money doing it.


The old pathways to success are crumbling away and the new ones have yet to be laid.


The path that you create will become your own, built by your connection to Source wisdom, the Feminine Way.


Old paradigm Gurus led with formulas, fear, and subordination.


New paradigm leaders offer acknowledgement of your wisdom and open doors for you to find your own way.


In this spirit of the Feminine Way, I’ve brought together some of my favorite new paradigm teachers for our first ever

Feminine Business Magic
Summer Lecture Series

This is a different kind of online event

You’ll have access to:

Expert Lessons

Information rich lectures taught by some of the top women entrepreneurs in the world.

All are witches, priestesses and Goddesses, having built successful businesses using the principles of Divine Feminine Magic supported by Aligned Masculine Action.

This is not a group of talking heads discussing their achievements, but actual lessons, delivered via video and audio, that you can put into practice immediately to grow your business.

Access at times that are convenient to you on our Event lesson website.



The Feminine Business Magic Ritual Book

Filled with rituals, practices and tools from our event experts, to support your learning long after the series is over.

You will receive your ritual book in your inbox upon registering for the event so you have lifetime access to all the wisdom included.

Private Facebook group

Women are designed to learn, grow, and share in community. This is where you will have your questions answered, share ah-ha’s, network with fellow attendees, and meet the experts.


We are all unique.

We all choose to bring healing to the planet in our own matchless and important way.

We all have magic that springs forth to create the individual visions of our dreams.

And yet, we are not meant to go it alone. We are designed to work in community, unfolding the beauty or our wisdom with the support and love of fellow women.

No matter where you are on your journey, the women who have contributed to our summer lecture series will provide new ways of thinking, being and doing that will allow you to open the flow of money, clients and abundance.

There is no cost to join us. We simply ask that you “Pay-it-forward” by sharing this event, doing a kind dead, or smiling at a stranger that looks like they need a lift. (Or you could do all three!)

Meet our Experts

Julie Foucht

The Art of

Feminine Marketing

Lia Dunlap

Creating Power


that Work like Magic

Kendra E Thornbury

Unlock The Power

To Your

Embodied Wealth 

Lindsay A Miller

The Healing Power

of Photography

Bridget Boland

The Magic of Saying YES

to the book in YOU!

Linda Patten

Becoming a

Magical leader

From Corporate to Coven

Emmi Mutale

Aligning Your

Sacred Business  with

the Alchemical Magic

of Your Womb

Shay Wheat

17 Magical Ways to

Gain Leads NOW

Using Events

Allyson Scammell

The 5 Energetic

Alignments to a Thriving

Soul-Guided Businesss

Deborah Oppenheim

The Magic of Desire

Jessica Hadari

Creating Magical

Communities to Grow

Your Business

Cathi Aanwyn

Connecting to the 

Wisdom of Trees

Gillian Windsor

The Miraculous Power

of ‘I Am’:

10-Steps to Rewire

Your Brain for Success

Danielle Marggraf

Claim Your Worth and

Wealth from Within

Jenne Sharpe

Is That You Source?

The Difference Between

Soul Messages and Fear

Tracy Crossley

Removing blocks to

increase your revenue

Natalia Price Vales

Feminine Manifestation

& Leadership with the

Power of the Moon


Do I have to be online at a certain time in order to receive the lessons?

No, each day we’ll add two to three new lessons to our Master Lecture Series page. You’ll be able to log in and learn from each lesson when it works for you.

Is there a cost to join?

Nope, I only ask that you pay-it-forward with a kind word, a gift to your favorite charity, or by sharing the event with someone who you love. This creates a massive energetic surge of love and healing on the planet.

Do I have to join the Facebook group?

No, however, it’s a great place to network, get your questions answered and share your ah-has. I’m keeping it private and secret, so you are free to share. And my team and I will be monitoring it throughout the event to make sure it stays a loving, respectful community.

I’m excited. What do I do now?

Simple, click the link below and provide your email so we can send your ritual book and update you when the daily lessons go live. Then celebrate your taking the next right step in your soul-led entrepreneur journey.

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