Day One

Creating Power Affirmations that work like magic

by Lia Dunlap

Claim Your Worth and Wealth from Within

by Danielle Marggraf

The 5 Energetic Alignments to a Thriving Soul-Guided Business

by Allyson Scammell

Feminine Manifestation & Leadership with the Power of the Moon

by Natalia Price Vales

Day Two

Removing blocks to increase your revenue

by Tracy Crossley

Creating Magical Communitys

by Jessica Hadari

Connecting to the Wisdom of Trees

by Cathi Aanwyn

Unlock The Power To Your Embodied Wealth

by Kendra E. Thornbury

Day Three

The Magic of Saying YES to the book in YOU!

by Bridget Boland

17 magical ways to gain leads NOW using events, which is right for you?

by Shay Wheat

Becoming a magical leader – walking from corporate to coven

by Linda Patten

Day Four

The Healing Power of Photography

by Lindsay A. Miller

Your Womb-Centered Feminine Business

by Emmi Mutale

Day Five

Is that you Source? The difference between soul messages and fear

by Jenne Sharpe

The Miraculous Power of 'I Am': 10-Steps to Rewire Your Brain for Success

by Gillian Windsor

Opening Your Divine Money Channels - Bonus Lecture

by Julie Foucht

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