At 40 I thought I might be too old. I had spent my youth raising kids and surviving a toxic marriage. But one of my Aunties had been telling me for years, “Life starts at 40”.  I took her at her word and midlife became the start of the great life I have today.

Today’s guest is on a mission to make sure that all women in Midlife live their best life. 

Alison Jacobson is known as the Midlife Maverick. She’s a testament to resilience, having triumphed over grief and obstacles including the death of her baby to SIDS, financial devastation after a divorce and managing the role of caregiver for her son with Intellectual Disabilities and her husband with Primary Progressive MS.

Her journey includes successfully selling her first business at 28 and going on to building two more successful businesses. Last year, she ran the NYC Marathon at 57, proving it’s never too late for transformation. She also launched her book Daily Inspiration for Midlife Women: A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Abundance. As a serial entrepreneur, successful coach, and speaker, she empowers women in midlife to release self-doubt, shift their mindset and authentically build successful businesses.

Alison and I dish on:

  • What women experience in midlife and why they feel that
  • How to define happiness, for you
  • 4 Broad steps to get started with creating your happy life
  • Why women find so many obstacles on their way to success 
  • What causes women to stay stuck despite having it all

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