Shadows and leaks and tolerances, oh my! 

Just as Dorothy is afraid that lions and tigers and bears might stop her journey to the Emerald City, money shadows and leaks and tolerances can stop your money flow. 

Money shadows are those tricky little beliefs that slipped into our unconscious mind when we were children that shift our behaviors and our results.  

If, for example, you were taught that ‘money is the root of all evil’ you would have adopted that belief. To do otherwise would have risked being thought of as evil yourself and kicked out of the community… or worse. 

As an adult, you may know that this is not true. That good people are still good when they have money. Yet, the belief sneaks up on you. You may find yourself avoiding money, not charging for your gifts and just getting by.  

Similarly, you may have heard your parents say, “She’s our little artist. So talented. But she’s not good at math.” And you grew up thinking you weren’t good with numbers. Money is numbers, so… you must not be good at money either.  

You know how to attract money… at least, you always have it when you need it. When a soul-desire rises to the surface, money arrives to support it. When a program, or teacher, or event shows up that your body knows is exactly right for you, money is there.  

But you never seem to  get ahead. Your retirement account sits empty. You bounce checks frequently. And you think you should probably get a handle on this money thing… somehow. 

Or maybe you were raised in house where money was a constant source of tension. Your parents fought about it often. When they split up, your mom was plunged into poverty.  

So, as an adult you worked hard, you make a lot of money, but secretly you fear it can all be taken away someday. So, you push and push until you are exhausted… then you do it again the next day.  

Money shadows suck. 

At The Art of Money Live Virtual Event, we are going to spend some time with your money shadows. We’ll explore the beliefs that you developed as a child… the same beliefs that unconsciously drive the adult you.

And we will shift those beliefs so that more money flows more easily to you, in ever increasing quantitieswithout you having to give up the rest of your life. 

We’ll also tackle your money leaks and tolerances, while we ignite your money attraction pathways to double your income. 

We still have a few seats left. I invite you to consider joining us today.

Let’s uncover what is keeping you stuck and shift it to break through your income ceiling. 

With all my heart,


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