I’ve been dreaming about our Art of Money Live Virtual gathering.

My dreams have had us meeting in Atlantis, Hawaii and the lake house near Yosemite. 

All kinds of crazy, wonderful things are happening in these dreams.  

Money has started sending me messages about the open possibilities.  

I’m curious, what are you dreaming for yourself? Why is Atlantis on my radar? Is that YOUR dream? 

One of the first things we will practice at the Art of Money Live Virtual Event is using your dreams and desires to IGNITE your ability to make more money.

Too often, women have been taught to not desire. “Can’t you just be satisfied?” we are cautioned. Dreams and desires become a difficult conflict between what our soul wants, and our inner protectors attempt to keep us safe by keeping us small. 

Today, I invite you to send those inner protectors out to play and spend some time in the dream world. Allow your soul desires to bubble up. Feel what it will be like to have your desires in the physical realm.  

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to take with you? What do you want to do there? 

A client just posted photos of her swimming with sharks in South America. She had allowed herself to dream, then desire, now she has bravely manifested that dream. 

After dreaming, comes clearing blocks, and taking aligned action. Don’t worry about that right now, As we will be covering that in The Art of Money Live Virtual Event.  

For now, in the bright Spring sunlight, under freshly leafed out trees, just dream your deepest desires.  

And get your seat for The Art of Money Live Virtual Event where we will connect with the Energy of Money to pull your desires through the veil into physical reality. 

Early bird ends soon. Get your ticket today.

With all my heart,


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