“I didn’t make as much money in my business this year as last,” she whined.

“You took four months off to dabble in real estate,” I reminded her. “How much did you make doing that?” 

“Double what I could have made in my business, but….” She trailed off. The truth sunk in.  

Money doesn’t care. It finds the most open channel and flows though that in the greatest volume you will allow. 

Yet, we try to control it. “I want it through my business,” or “That was my husband’s bonus, it doesn’t count.” 

YES, yes it does count! 

When you open the channels of money, it flows. It flows from all sorts of places that you never thought about. It just shows up.

The key to more money is not to work harder. The key is to align your work with your soul desires. Then, open the channels of flow so that money has a place to go.

Celebrate whatever ways money has chosen to come to you. Because, you did the work of opening… and yes, sometimes that requires that you put out some great marketing, and sometimes it comes because you’ve been money dancing each morning.  

Ready to open your receiving channels? 

Join us for the Art of Money Live Virtual Event, April 6 & 7 from 10 am – 4 pm Pacific.  

We are gathering on zoom, so you can join us from anywhere.  

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Here’s a glimpse into the magic that awaits you: 

  • Learn the sacred arts of expanding your channels of receiving, allowing the universe’s abundance to flow freely into your life. 
  • Release the chains of limiting beliefs and the echoes of old money karma. Liberate yourself from these ancient binds and step into the light of limitless possibility
  • Craft a strategic plan that’s as unique as your fingerprint, designed to double your income in harmony with the Divine Feminine. This isn’t just a plan; it’s a sacred blueprint for your soul’s prosperity. 
  • Forge unbreakable bonds with a coven of wise women. Together, you’ll create a web of support, wisdom, and shared magic, celebrating each success as you ascend to new heights. 

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With all my heart,


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