I teared up during today’s interview as my guest, Amanda Bauer-Frisch talked about her first husband’s unexpected death while she was pregnant with their second child. This event moved her to take her passion and create a legacy business for the generations to come.

Amanda is the CEO of Enduring Legacy Company, who transitioned from a career in human resources to full-time parenting in 2020, where she channeled her spare time into crafting literacy tools inspired by her late husband’s teaching. Her first business, Small Legacies, is a children’s gift brand focusing on practical items enhancing a child’s development, including her first product: a save, give, spend bank that is both beautiful and practical. 

Owning several other small businesses, Amanda is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact through heartfelt, purpose-driven ventures that resonate with families worldwide.

Amanda and I dish on:

  • Work and family life balance as the owner of multiple ventures
  • How to identify and learn multitasking skills 
  • Teaching children financial literacy through money-banks
  • Why spending, saving, and budgeting are a “skill set” that needs to be taught
  • Legacy is not always money and resources

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Amanda Bauer-Frisch’s Free Gift: Use Coupon code BANK at https://enduringlegacyco.com/ >> https://smalllegacies.com/ 





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