This May, I’m calling together a small group of soul-fueled women healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who are longing to discover the path to more income while honoring the Divine Feminine that lives within.  

We’ve opened the doors to our signature Art of Feminine Business Sistermind

This program is unique. We weave together validated marketing and business strategy with deep spiritual work to clear energy blocks and align with the soul of your business so that even small actions create ripples of success. 

As we walk together in the Art of Feminine Business Sistermind, we will access the Akashic Records, the record of your soul’s journey through time and space, to clear the energetic pathways to success, on your terms. 

We will open your channels of receiving, stretch your money set point so that you can safely receive more, then do it again as your income continues to grow. 

We will “package” your magic in ways that will most benefit your clients and make it easy for them to say yes to your offers.

We’ll dig into the gifts of your childhood wounds to discover the magic words and phrases that become spells for attracting the right clients.

We’ll activate your manifesting powers, aligning you with your soul’s desire and birthing your dreams into reality. 

We’ll tackle inner work: transform wounds, remove ancient vows and contracts that keep you stuck and powerless, and rewire those familial and societal beliefs that hold you back so that you are free to forge your own pathway into abundance. 

And I’ll be right by your side as you take actions drawn from your connection to the divine to open the flow of money, respect and acknowledgment into your business.

To qualify you must be willing to: 

~ Be uncomfortable as you expand out of your comfort zone.

~ Explore the dark shadows where you have banished the parts of you that scare you, shame you, and embarrass you, bringing all of you back into the light. 

~ With my guidance do stuff in your business that you don’t know how to do yet, as you explore and discover what works…. uniquely for you

Take imperfect action in service to your mission

Abundantly celebrate, uplift and encourage the sisterhood of wise women who have gathered. 

If you meet these qualifications, I invite you to consider join us. 

Schedule an interview with me today to see if you are a fit.

I love how she combines internal transformative work with practical information like marketing, online presence, etc… 

I’ve been working with Julie, individually as a coach for over 6 months now. I started on her FB group and became interested due to her gifts and some of the amazing women who seemed to be in her circle. I am an IT consultant with a 6 figure consulting business.

Since working with Julie, I feel less stressful about the process of finding clients, and loves how she also combines internal transformative work with practical information re: marketing, online presence, etc. As someone who has meditated for over 40 years, she has also expanded my meditation practice with some tips that I wasn’t aware of and is a constant source of being positive and helping me to be positive and use some of my female intuition in a field that is mostly dominated by men. Her coaching is unique as it combines business with intuitiveness and working on some of the blockages that many women have – re: money, success, etc. What initially started as an idea about consulting has now turned into a serious business and I can’t imagine not consulting as it gives me the freedom to be anywhere, and work for whom I want. I highly recommend Julie as a coach. 

Catherine Roy 

Julie never made my being different wrong, which is so important to me. Instead, she helped me to embrace it as my own unique imprint on the world and with that I became more solidified in my personal practices and more desirous of sharing it out into the world. 

If I was to think of the three things that Julie helped me most with it would; be acceptance of myself, bravery to go after my calling, and the understanding that there are ways to support myself in business. 

No matter what I asked for help with, Julie had a solution, help, and advice and it went way beyond marketing. She helped me with the steps to outline a program, gave me insight to having a podcast and helped with editing in both my written marketing and with audio files. 

In short, Julie really gave me a personalized crash course in everything that is possible with my business as well as how to attract and court my ideal clients.  I’m incredibly grateful for the depth and breadth of knowledge and guidance that Julie brings to her sessions. And of course, with her own special magic, she sprinkles healing throughout. I know I will pull upon everything I have learned for years to come. 

Rebecca Teeter 

Listen to your body. If you feel a pull to take your business to the next level of income, influence and acknowledgement, let’s talk.

With all my heart,


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