Let’s chat about magic.

The magic that runs through our souls, reminding us that we are all made of Source. Source is in us, we are in Source. As such, we create from Source.

Yet, deep in our subconscious lies the witch wound. 

Whether you were a witch/healer/wise woman in a past life, or not, the witch wound has an influence on all of us.

Past life witches were hunted, persecuted, burned at the stake. We hid from each other, cried when our sisters were killed, and wailed as our babies were taken from us. And, we made vows.

“Keep the magic hidden,” we agreed.

“Stay small so they can’t find you,” we vowed. 

“Safety can only be had by becoming powerless,” we declared.

My heart breaks that these vows are still in place for so many. 

Because, sister, the world needs your magic more than ever.

And because, it’s so much more fun letting your magic out into the world, creating experiences that light you up, providing healing and hope for your tribe.

This May, I’m calling together a group of Witchpreneurs to release those ancient vows, to heal the witch inside and to step into the light.   

When your magic is free again, we will craft your divine marketing strategies, the words and stories that will magnetize your soul-mate clients to reach out and hire you. With magic flowing, we will open your flow of money so you make more, with more ease.

And we get to do it in a Sistermind of amazing women.

If you are ready to share your magic with the world and receive the abundance you deserve, I invite you to join The Art of Business Sistermind. 

The first step is to schedule a complementary call with me to see if this is a right fit. (There are some qualifications) Schedule here.

If the thought of becoming acknowledged and respected because you are fully in your magic excites you, but also scares you, I invite you to reach out. This is a sign that it’s time for you. 

With all my heart,


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