I’m a big believer in the power of language. As one of my clients said, “Words have magic, that is why we call them spells.”

When someone says to me, “I can’t wait”, I think, ‘of course you can wait, silly goose. You must wait because that isn’t happening right now.”

The Universe is listening when a woman says, “I don’t need much money.”And Money responds by not giving her much. 

My Facebook group sets aside a day to brag. Many women have a hard time with this. We are conditioned to be humble, to be small, to betray our own greatness.

We’ve been taught that bragging is a bad thing.

We ask ourselves, “Who do I think I am? Others can do this so much better than I can.” We shut down our own magic because the world says that GOOD GIRLS ARE MODEST, that pride is a sin. 

Instead of celebrating our gifts, we hide behind others, thinking that survival is dependent on not standing out. 

And I wonder, what would happen if we all said “Fuck that! I am amazing. My gifts are incredible. My magic is powerful. I am here to heal the planet by being the most awesome me that I can be…. And I invite you to be the most awesome you.”

What if, instead of rolling our eyes and talking shit about women who brag, we celebrated them. 

What if we greeted each other with, “Sister, tell me a brag. I want to celebrate you.” 

Your brags elevate others. The vibration soars when we are all sharing what makes us remarkable. 

That vibration elevates your marketing. Your words become infused with love. People want to be with you. 

Your words become spells of attraction. 

So often, marketing falls flat when the words are generic, rather than well thought out spells.

As part of the Art of Feminine Business Sistermind, we’ll craft a list of “Magic Marketing Words” that magnetize the divine right clients for each sister and infuse them with your soul-braggy vibration. 

Everyone’s list is unique, because each of us is unique, with distinctive magic and power. 

Once you’ve discovered your words, we can we begin to write marketing copy that connects to the heart of your soul-mate clients. Your enrollment conversations will be made much more effective as you weave words into stories that sell and highlight you as an acknowledged expert

More ‘yeses’ equals more money in your pocket. 

Ready to discover your Magic Marketing Words?

I invite you to schedule a complimentary session with me to see if the Art of Feminine Business Sistermind is right for you. Schedule here.

With all my heart,


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