Last week I was invited to a Queen’s Tea, a sisterhood of established leaders in the world of coaching/healing. 

To join with women who are doing their soul’s work is deeply nourishing and magical. I meet new collaborators and friends. I feel enlivened by the energetic container that is created when women meet. 

So often we meet in settings that don’t allow expression of the highest in us. We are put in competition against each other and our natural, collaborative feminine is pushed aside. This is no accident. 

The patriarchal system is designed to keep us wary, telling us it is safer to stay small and keep our hidden magic. 

Yet, when women gather in a Sistermind where each witch brings her unique gifts, experiences and energies to the table in service to ALL, we change the world. Subtly, just by being our full selves, we shift the system.  

This May, I’m calling together a new Sistemind to nurture your soul, expand your witchy wisdom, weave deep connections that support your life’s work, and accelerate your business growth.  

Being part of a Sistermind means you’re not wandering this entrepreneurial path alone. You have a tribe who understands your challenges and shares your dreams. 

Each member offers a different viewpoint, helping you see possibilities and solutions you might miss on your own. Each woman brings her own energetic magic that enhances the collective power.  

Let’s face it, this entrepreneurial journey can be intense. Your Sistermind becomes a place to recharge your spiritual batteries, discover and release hidden vows and beliefs that hold you back, and receive guidance to open your abundance channels.  

The Art of Feminine Business Sistermind focuses on getting more money in your hands to do your soul’s work.  

I invite you to consider joining us. 

Your first step is to schedule an interview with me to see if you are a fit.  

My calendar tends to fill quickly so schedule your call today

With all my heart,


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