Today’s conversation features a powerhouse of a woman, a true master in carving out a niche in the business world. Tune in for a treasure trove of insights that might just spark your next big business revelation.

Jessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best business strategists for coaches and consultants who want to sell and scale ultra-high-end services.

Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build credibility and attract high-paying clients.

Jessica and I dish on:

  • Selling high-end expensive programs to your clients
  • Building a network of clients and engaging them
  • Why it isn’t money or time, but a mind-set that brings success
  • The important systems that need to be in place for a big leap
  • Tools that allow you to make and sustain deals
  • Mistakes to avoid that weaken your market position

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