I lived in a haunted house when I was seven.

My room was on the top floor. filled with ghosts. They constantly scared me. I dreamed of being smothered and the panic of not breathing. No one told me how to handle it. It was terrifying, so I shut off my ability to see the unseen. I buried it to keep feeling safe.

As an adult, talking with my brothers, I discovered that there were also ghosts in the basement, where they slept. 

“They used to dance in my room at night,” my youngest brother said. He liked them.

“Did you see them too?” I asked the other brother.

In his customary manner he simply said, “Yep,” and refused to say more.

Blocking the ghosts also blocked my communication with the Divine. Later, my divorce created a crisis that finally broke the filter. I cried out to my Highest Self, “Can I stay in this marriage?”

“Of course,” she replied, “you’ll die if you do. But you can choose to stay.”

I left. At first, I played the victim. I agreed to an unfair financial settlement just to get away. I struggled to make my bills, taking the first job that came along. It was horrible. (My boss actually told me I should send my daughter to live with her abusive father so I could focus on the $10 an hour job she had given me.)

I had to stop feeling like a martyr. I had to take responsibility for my life and my money. 

A funny thing happened. 

I learned that I could make enough money to support myself. Then I learned to create an abundant, ever-increasing flow of money. 

I listened. I learned. I choose to focus my coaching work to help women build financially successful businesses. It is one of the best ways of getting more money in the hands of more women. 

I’ve since been doing this work for two decades. I’ve discovered that when women open their communication channels, take responsibility and build a relationship with money… 

… magic happens.

Money flows.

Children blossom.

The wise, witchy, wild women in my community build respected, impactful, financially successful businesses that support their families abundantly and do great work in the world.

Are you ready to open your flow of Money?

I invite you to join me for The Art of Feminine Business Sistermind, starting this Spring.

Just hit reply and say, “I’m ready for more money”, and I’ll get back to you with the next step.

With all my heart,


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