Normally, during my acupuncture treatments, I barely feel the needles. This time, though, several of the needles hurt. My left hand ached from the needle in my thumb. The needle in my right wrist sent shocks of pain down my right thumb. 

This was pretty unusual

“Those are points for release of emotion,” said my acupuncturist. “I think you have some things going on.”

‘Always,’ I thought.

Earlier in the week, I’d had an energy clearing. It was lifetimes deep, and I had only just begun to process it. 

My acupuncturist turned out the lights and slipped out of the room. I took a few deep breaths and slipped into meditation. 

It was dusk as I entered my inner sacred garden. I sank into the warmth of a summer evening, surrounded by my guides and guardians. But there was another presence there. I could feel her as she appeared before me, glowing with an inner light. 

Mary Magdalene.

In the past year I’ve been easing into Goddess devotion as another way to access the Divine. Goddesses are powerful energies and I’ve been visited by a few. I feel them as they deliver their wisdom and my altar has offerings for them.

Yet, I had not met Mary Magdalene before.

I’ve done some reading about her life, about how she was wiped from current religious teachings and tarnished with the label prostitute… another example of the patriarchy diminishing women of power. 

Mary was one of the most respected teachers of Jesus’s teaching. She traveled and preached the message that connection to the Divine comes from within. It’s not given by someone outside of you. It’s always in you. 

This is why she glows. When a Goddess shows up, it’s a special thing.  A message or an offer of support that I need.

“Goddess, why are you here?” I asked. 

“Love“, she responded. “The answer is always love. She placed her hands on my heart. 

I saw the architecture of the next evolution of myself in my business forming around me through this connection, lines and spirals and waves of joy. 

“What do I need to do?” I asked “How do I even start?”

Mary shushed me 

“You don’t need to do anything right now,” she said. “Let us work on you.”

I surrendered to the many Goddesses that joined Her. I could feel them working on me shifting me, stretching me growing me to be the leader of the next phase of divine feminine business. The air around me expanded and contracted.

My skin tingled. I simply allowed. 

Today, I have new ideas about to birth. 

I’m making space, clearing things off my plate to make room. And I’m assembling my team, both the seen and unseen. Soon, when it’s time, we will start putting new plans into action….

…. Until them, I will honor the gift of the Goddesses with gratitude, breath, and love

That is the power of working of partnering with the divine to create your business.

With all my heart,


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