Magic is afoot. 

The weather this weekend was warm enough to open all the windows and ride our bikes thorough the neighborhood. It stirred feelings of childhood, when I would ride just out of sight, then lay on a bed of pine needles reading books about far off lands.

 It sparked my imagination with childlike joy of what is possible. I’m planning my summer retreats (Let me know if you want to be on the list to be invited). The grandkids and I are creating an itinerary for this year’s Grammy Camp. And I’m crafting some fun, business building, money attracting experiences for everyone in my Facebook community.

With each I’m asking, “What else is possible? What else would make this fun and juicy?” 

Now, I love planning a thing.  

I love weaving together ideas, and rituals, and messages from Source to create amazing experience. Even Grammy Camp has rituals we follow every year.  

Yet, I never plan alone. I can’t see all the what ifs. 

So, for instance, if I’m planning a retreat, I first ask my unseen helpers to find the right location. If we are traveling, I listen to my heart desires to name a city. Once all the spirit guides are on board, then I look to AirBnB for the right house.  

I chat with my Record Keepers and the energy of the event about what would be most helpful and in the highest good for the people attending. I design the container for our gathering. And I listen to Source bringing me clues about who should be invited. 

When I don’t do all that… well that’s when I fall into bitter failure as nothing works out. There are no homes in the right place or the right time. My peeps are all busy. My creativity sours. It all sucks. I’ve come to realize that when it’s not working and it sucks… it’s time to go back to the beginning.  

  • What else is possible? 
  • What will bring me the most joy? 
  • How can I have more fun?

And I follow those sparks like a child follows her curiosity. Because that is where the magic is.  

With all my heart,

 P.S. The three retreats I’m currently filling are below. Send me a note if your soul is desiring an upgrade and we can decide which retreat is right for you. 

Summer Solstice at the Lake celebration 

June 19 -21. Bass Lake, California (in the foothills of Yosemite) 

Gather with fellow witchpreneurs to celebrate the longest day of the year and set your business and money growth intentions for the second half of 2024. Two spaces still available.

Ignite your Fire Retreat and Sacred Photoshoot

July 26-28 in Discovery Bay, California. (On the beach) 

Reclaim your inner spark to magnetize more money, respect and joy. This retreat includes deep dives into the Akasic Records to clear past life and ancestral blocks to your full power; connecting with your Soul’s purpose to design your marketing for the rest of the year; and a transformational Inner Power photoshoot to amp up your magnetic marketing with images that do most of the selling for you. Three space available.

Sex and Money

August 30 – Sept 1 in Santa Maria, California (Beautiful Wine Country) 

Explore the two areas of our lives that the patriarchy has set the rules to keep women small and powerless. As you shed the unconscious directives passed down for generations you’ll discover the pathways to making more money, with more ease. This retreat will include a transformation photoshoot with images you can use in your marketing.  One more space available. 

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