Each day I practice gratitude.

I do this because I’ve discovered the magic in gratitude.

Gratitude is more than just a fleeting feeling of thankfulness; it’s conscious action to recognize and appreciate the abundance that surrounds us. When we approach life with genuine gratitude, it acts as a magnifying glass, amplifying the blessings and opportunities that come our way.

So when a client pays me, I give thanks to my friend money for coming to see me. I stop and add the amount to my monthly income tracking sheet. This sheet lives on my desk as a reminder of the abundance that flows though my business. I’m grateful for the trust my clients put in me. 

I am grateful for the blessings that money buys me. 

Things like being able to say yes when an old friend offers to teach me a new skill that will elevate my business (I can’t reveal secrets yet, but I’m so excited to share this with you in the coming month!).

And the opportunity to shift the Grammy Camp agenda to something I really want to do – 6 days, 4 grandkids, 3 amusement parks plus a water park, and 1 visit with a best friend. Most of us are very excited and the almost 13-year-old is almost smiling about it.

As I work with clients, I give thanks to the Record Keepers and my Highest Self who show me how to use my gifts for the highest and best good. Often, as I’m being guided by the Record Keepers, I’ll see a vision.  

“Oh,” I say, “this is about that life in the past where you were banished from the family and forced to live a victimized life ‘by your wits’” (Or something totally weird like that). And the client starts to cry.  

“That resonates in my body,” she’ll say. So, we do the work to clear past vows and contracts. To heal past life trauma. To forgive and seek forgiveness.  

The client leaves the session feeling lighter and things begin to open up for them. They sign a new client or obtain a new referral partner. The flow of money opens. 

It’s amazing, tingling work and I get to be the conduit for Source to create this transformation. I’m so grateful. 

Mostly, I’m grateful for this life I’ve built. For the work I’ve done to heal from being the victim in an abusive marriage to become the badass witch I am today. I’m grateful for my family, my beautiful home on the edge of wilderness, my business that fuels my soul and for my friendship with the Energy of Money. 

Gratitude is a magic spell that unlocks the door to greater abundance and fulfillment. 

What are you grateful for today? 

With all my heart,


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