In today’s episode, I chat with Georgianne McConnell, a woman whose life has always danced with the energy of money. Inspired by a divine nudge, she shifted her focus to empower women to discover the magic of money for themselves s. Join us as we dive into her inspiring journey from encountering a profound spiritual calling to embracing entrepreneurship. 


Georgianne is the visionary behind Sacred-Soul-Business, a platform where her rich entrepreneurial background and deep spiritual passion converge. She supports spiritually minded business owners facing inconsistent incomes, self-doubt, and undervalued services, teaching them how to generate a steady income that resonates with their true purpose and values. 


Today, Georgianne and I explore: 


  • The transformative power of money and its role in changing lives 
  • The enigma of financial literacy among women 
  • Techniques for aligning your financial and business energies 
  • Developing a money-positive mindset through strategic practices 
  • The role of automatic writing in unlocking financial creativity 


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