I made an appointment to get my refrigerator repaired. The repair company needed a 4-hour window in order to schedule. By some miracle I had a four-hour window on Wednesday. 

Then, 2 hours into the window, they called. “Sorry,” said the repairman. “I won’t make it until later in the day.”   

So, my whole day was messed up. 

Now, a lot of people would say, “Don’t let it bug you. Just return to positive thought.” 

These people are deluded. 

They are ignoring the fact that we are all living a human experience and that includes feeling annoyed!  

Stuffing it down and trying to “Think positive!” keeps it in the body where it eats away at the edges of your thoughts and has the potential to cause dis-ease and disease.  


Other people would tell me to make a stink… call the company and complain. Make someone else hurt over the inconvenience.  

I just don’t think creating pain for others is going to make me feel better long term.  

So I took a minute to whine and complain to my husband about the unfairness of all service people and their insistence that we all just sit around and wait for them. I gave myself space to feel the frustration.  

I did a little growling and shaking the emotions down out of my body to drop into Mama Earth so she can transform them. Anyone watching would think I was crazy.  

After a few minutes I was able to take a deep breath… or three. I reconnected with Source and used the energy of creation to clear away any energy that was not mine. I recognized the anxiety of the repairman who called to say, “I’ll be late.” I’m sure he deals with the frustration of clients having to wait around all the time.  

I felt empathy for him as I energetically brushed his anxiety away. 

As I experienced Source filling my body, I felt so grateful. There have been times in my life that repair fees and a potential appliance replacement would have created a huge financial burden. But I’ve created the resources to take care of it now.  

My guides whispered to me, “If a late repair man is the worst of today, we are doing ok.” 

I smiled, agreeing with them.  

Then, joy!! If he is coming late, then I get to run out and grab a Starbucks tea!

Being human is such a fun experience learning to navigate this life.  I’m so glad my soul decided to incarnate again.  

How’s your day? Anything you want to growl out of your system? 

With all my heart,


PS – Want to come growl some stuff out and celebrate the Solstice? I still have room for one more woman to join us. Send me a note and let’s chat.  

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