What a wild week I’ve had.

Releasing my Witchpreneur Quiz into the world felt a little like opening night. I had jitters. I hoped all the pieces worked the way I had imagined them. Mostly, I hoped people would gain something from the quiz.

Then the results started coming in. 

Some were expected. A past client shared that she is a Wise Sage. Watching the way that she built her business, with so much magic and intention, it’s clear that this result is on point. And knowing that her challenge is all about time, we can now create new systems to expand time so she has more for her little family. 

Some of the results were unexpected. A new client revealed her Forest Nymph nature. It was an aha for me to think of her this way. BTW – she is fabulous. Really magic, does the inner work and takes actions based on her connection with the Divine. And now, we have more info on how to raise her income significantly.. And it gives us some added info on how to design her next level of business growth in a way that gives her lots of time alone while also busting through her income ceiling.  

I’m having so much fun with it. 

I’m going to use the info that I get to help all my clients remember the Divine Feminine that lives within them, uniquely expressed through their type. As we collaborate with the Divine, we’ll use the magic that is inherent in each type to open their channels of receiving to increase their income exponentially. 

I’ve been doing this work for decades and I’m really excited to be adding the Witchpreneur Quiz as another powerful tool to help my clients to get what they want.

If you want a little extra insight into your clients, have them take the quiz and share their results with you. 

The Witchpreneur Quiz 

I’m excited to hearhow you use the results to serve your clients. Please let me know. 

With all my heart,

 PS. Next week: A Wild Enchantress, a Shape Shifter and a Forest Nymph walk into a Summer Solstice retreat…. I can hardly wait to see what happens.  

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