I always set a strong container for my retreats, then let go of how it will flow.

Last week, a Shape Shifter, a Wild Enchantress and a Forest Nymph joined me for a Summer Solstice retreat … sounds like the start of a strange joke, but it was really the start of a magical Yosemite journey.

My plan was to take the women on an animal walk on my favorite, little known trail. One of the women asked if we could visit the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite.  I abandoned my plan, and  we strolled instead between the giant Sequoias. We placed our feet mindfully upon Mama Earth feeling the energy of the tress who had stood for centuries. 

We raised our hands, passing energy though one majestic tree being and feeling its healing energy flowing back. It felt alive and filled with ancient wisdom. 

It took us deeper into the magic of the natural world, connected to, supported and sustained by, and grounded upon a network of roots buried deeply in Mama Earth.

We were cooled by the mist of Bridal Veil Falls, a power that  reminded us of the untamed Divine Feminine that flows through each woman. The power to create whatever our soul desires, unstoppable and free.

We marveled at the beauty of the ancients, the rock people towering over us, El Capitan and Half Dome. We slowed to match their energy, feeling the pull to just be. Knowing ourselves as unique and magical individuals, yet connected as sisters in this exciting experiment called life.

This was just one of our days. 

On another, the Shape Shifter danced in the joy of being able to see many different perspectives to create new structures that would genuinely support each of her distinctive team members in growing her business. Together, we dove into the Akashic Records to rewrite an old family story, releasing fear, so this growth can be done with ease and joy. 

The Forest Witch downloaded a new way of delivering her magic into the world: a business structure that will truly honor her need for solitude while serving her people well. Plus, she discovered an aligned way to heal the energy of money as it passes through her hands, opening her to make even more. 

And my amazing Wild Enchantress partner followed her spark of inspiration to create more transformational magic with an amazing photoshoot that called each woman into the next level of healing and leadership.

We honored seven different Goddesses, listening to their Divine messages pulse through us.

We learned to create Sigils, unique and customized symbols that speak the language of the subconscious mind and the universe to more efficiently manifest our intentions. 

And we called down the energy of the Sun, summoning its potent force to energize and empower our path forward with joy, success and connection. 

It is always an honor to walk with women who are committed to doing the deep work, while creating pathways for money to flow to them.

I’m so filled with awe and wonder at what these Witchpreneurs are creating. 

I’m curious to know if you’ve discovered your Witchpreneur type? If not, take the quiz here.

With all my heart,

 PS. Want to join us on an epic retreat? We have two more scheduled for this year and only a couple of spots left. Send me a note and I’ll get all the info out to you. 

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