Happy Independence Day to all my USA friends. Today is the day we celebrate our Freedom.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of freedom. It holds such a personal meaning for each of us, especially as Witchprenuers. And, as we delve deeper, our own type of Witchpreneur even further refines what freedom means.

Defining freedom for yourself is the first step. 

Sure, lots of politicians and religious leaders would like us just to believe what they believe. They would like us to adopt their definition of freedom and would not like us to reflect too deeply. 

Yet, this has never been my way, and I suspect, it’s not yours either. 

Freedom means taking on the responsibility to question and decide the meaning of self-defining questions for yourself. What, my love, is the freedom you most desire?

Most likely,  some element of spiritual freedom? The liberty to connect with the Divine in your own way, without fear of judgement or repression. To use sigils and spells in your daily devotions, to set up altars to your favorite Goddesses, or to use plant medicine to deepen your wisdom. This freedom allows you to weave your magic into the very fabric of your business, calling in abundance as you share your healing.

For some, creative freedom is the most important element. Our witchy essence thrives on creativity, the power to express ourselves authentically through our work. To innovate solutions that defy traditional ways of doing things; to craft our programs and products in ways that make our hearts sing; and to inspire others as we paint our own vision of beauty into our work. 

For some of us, financial freedom is the driver. Financial freedom for us isn’t just about accumulating wealth; it’s about building a business that supports our desired lifestyle while honoring our values. It means having the resources to invest in our growth, support our communities, and enjoy time with those we most love. 

Lastly, to simply be is perhaps the most profound freedom. It’s the opportunity  to show up as our true, unfiltered wild witchy selves, embracing all our quirks, strengths, and vulnerabilities. It’s about being unapologetic,  honest and truthful in our all of our relationships, as we seek to foster  a deep sense of belonging and self-acceptance. And the ripple effect of this  empowers others to do the same.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what freedom means to you as a Witchpreneur. Let’s continue the conversation as we support each other in living a life of freedom, connection and abundance.

With all my heart,

PS. Curious to learn more about your type of Witchpreneur? Take the Witchpreneur Quiz. Are you a Shape Shifter building communities where everyone is free to be themselves? A Wise Sage crafting financial freedom through your deep well of wisdom? Or a Forest Nymph advocating for the freedom of all beings on the planet? Or perhaps you are a Wild Enchantress who uses her sparks of inspiration to create new adventures and new ways of doing business.

Take the quiz here and let me know your result.

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