Dear Witchpreneur,

It is my great honor and joy to welcome you to the Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series

The Divine Feminine calls us to share the magic that lives within us, to  collaborate as we create a new way of being and of doing business.. Each of our guest witchpreneurs brings her own brand of magic, intended to serve you as you bring your business to the next level of success and purpose. 

This is a different kind of event. 

First, each lecture is an actual lesson for your immediate action. This is the good stuff that our experts teach to their clients.

You will receive 3 – 4 video/audio lectures a day for 5 days. Each lecture is approximately 20 minutes. Be sure to schedule slots into your day when you can watch/listen. You don’t want to miss a single one. 

Second, join our Facebook group here. That’s where we will be answering questions, sharing ah-ha moments, and getting to know each other.

Third, download your Feminine Business Magic Summer Lecture Series Ritual Book. We will send the link out about a week before the series starts so you have plenty of time to print it and have it handy for the event (and beyond). It has all the worksheets, rituals and spells you will need to fully participate. 

Finally, will you spread the magic and share? There is still time for your beloved friends and business sisters to join us. Simply have them register here.

Got a technical question? Send a message to my Goddess-in-charge-of-most-things kavita @

Other sorts of questions? Send a message to me directly at julie @

Wishing you an amazing journey,

With all my heart,



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