Did you know?

Money loves you.

Money wants to spend time with you.

Money wants to be used by you to live a vibrant, juicy life.

Money wants to partner with you to bring more joy and healing to the planet.

Money needs you to be the channel through which it can flow into the world.

Yet, you still struggle……


Have you struggled enough?

I see this all the time…

Women with really good optics.

They tell a mighty story.

They look good on social media.

Then you look closer and can see the cracks.

Oh sister, we’ve been fed a load of business bullshit.

 You started your own business because you craved freedom. Money freedom. Time freedom.

And now it seems like you have neither.

You look around at all those other entrepreneurs who are “making it” and can’t help but think, when is it my turn?

You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you do.

You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the difference you make in your client’s lives.

But it’s hard.

You put in extra hours because that’s what society tells you it takes.

You’ve invested in gurus and programs and formulas that don’t seem to make any difference.

You WORK hard for every dollar and you just can’t figure out how to go from eaking out a little bit of profit to true finacial freedom.

Here is the worst part:

~~ You feel like you have to keep your WORK separate from your BUSINESS.

~~ Your work is healing, helping, bringing transformation to the world.

~~ You are a powerful, loved, important badass when you are in the work.

Then there is the business part.

~~Bringing in money to pay for Facebook ads and bookkeeping, keeping the lights on, going to events pretending it’s all pretty, hiring team, and building a professional website and…. poof … all your profit is gone and your spouse is saying,  “I’m tired of carrying the household and you putting everything in your business, and isn’t it time you made a little profit and helped me out?”

I feel you!


It’s not your fault.

You’ve never been taught how to be wealthy.

For generations women have been taught to be nice and marriageable.

That their best chance at a good life comes from their ability to attract a successful husband.


Let’s choose a different way.

In this divinely guided course, I’ll lead you to:


Heal your dis-empowering beliefs about money, your value, who you need to be in order to be acceptable in the work place so you can receive your true worth;

Discover an inner compass that guides you in making correct choices in how you spend your money – every time – and stop wasting money on things that don’t work;

Stop being a powerless victim to money and, instead, welcome money as a trusted partner and powerful friend into your business;

Learn the practices to build abundance and wealth for yourself and your family; and

Discover how being wealthy  serves the world.

The Art of Money is an exclusive, small group intensive designed to shift your relationship with money radically so you can have the freedom you dreamt of when you started your business.

Money wants you to feel the joy of taking your family on that dream vacation, of purchasing your dream home, of reaching and breaking through the 6-figure ceiling, of giving to causes you believe in, of spreading your message throughout the world, of treating yourself to high-vibration experiences, and whatever else you are dreaming.

Money wants to be used by you to do good in the world.

Money wants to dance with you, play with you, love you.

You are invited to change your relationship with Money and Abundance Forever!


The world has changed. By taking this opportunity to shift your relationship with Money, you will provide new pathways of abundance for yourself and your family.

Full Pay $1800

3 payments of $600

During The Art of Money program Money will become your most trusted confident and adviser for creating abundance.

Plus, we will support your new money relationship with some Masculine Money Actions: 

  • Connecting with the Energy of Money for greater flow;
  • What numbers you need to know, so you are in control of your finances;
  • The 10,10, 10, 70 rule;
  • Eliminating Money leaks/ tolerances;
  • Creating profit vs. just breaking even;
  • How devaluing your work, not charging and undercharging create Karmic Debt;
  • The power of gratitude to attract abundance;
  • The power of giving now and when you reach your financial goals;
  • Sex and money- two ways that women have been controlled in the past: how to break free;
  • Dollars for time vs. dollars for value. A new way of thinking about your rates; and
  • The real steps to manifesting: it’s not just thinking good thoughts
  • And more….



When you sign up for The Art of Money you get:


6 weekly LIVE coaching classes with Q+A! (all recorded, just in case you miss one). 

Access to our private course Facebook group, where you’ll receive personalized coaching on your questions, problems and assignments, along with endless resources.

 Replays you can watch anytime (you have FOREVER access).

ME walking hand in hand with you to catch your hidden money blocks, dis-empowering habits and old beliefs and guide you to changes that make a difference.  ** I keep it small so that you get personalized attention on our group calls **

A sisterhood of women committed to more abundance, money and wealth for all.

And for taking FAST ACTION: A private 1-on-1 coaching session with Julie for the first five women to register



This is an exclusive, live small group experience.

It’s not for everyone, and that’s ok.

This is for women who are hungry to change their relationship with money once and for all. Who are eager to show up and do the work. Who are willing to look in the dark corners of their own limiting beliefs and shine healing light on the gremlins that live there.

Women who are ready to leave a different legacy for their children and grandchildren than the one that was left for them.

This is for chicks who want to be in love with money and all of its possibilities.

I invite you to join us.

Do it now (wealthy women take action when called).

** Calls start March 26 **


Full Pay $1800

3 payments of $600

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