There are certain universal laws that, once you know them, open your channels of receiving… so more money flows to you…

without having to give up sleep

… ignore the people most important to you

… or sacrifice your integrity for the sake of a sale.

Over 4 weeks this March, I’m bringing together a group of Soul-inspired, heart-centered female coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs to learn how to double or even triple your income, using the principles of the Alchemy of Money.

During this time, we’ll jump off the treadmill of do-do-do to a more balanced understanding of the alignment between how you BE and what actions you take… to create success.

Some of the women who have taken this course report:

…. An unexpected windfall of $70,000 to fund their business operations

…. A new consulting business that increased her income by 50%

…. Her biggest income year to-date, with plenty of time to taxi her kids to soccer, spend time at the gym and hang out on the beach during the summer

What would you do with an extra $1000, $3000, $10,000, $70,000….

Retreat in Bali seeking a deeper connection with Source?

Long awaited vacation with your family on a sun-drenched beach in Costa Rica?

Remodeling that one corner of your home that you’ve always hated, so it becomes the dreamy haven you long for?

Expanding your reach so more people benefit from your important message?


What else is your soul longing for?

Because it’s not about doing more.

In the Alchemy of Money program,  I am sharing with you the spiritual and 3-D practices and actions (which I used to manifest and pay for my California coastal home when it unexpectedly became available) to manifest more money coming into your household on a regular basis…

… including the hidden step that The Secret never shared. **It’s not enough to just ‘think good thoughts’. **

In this divinely guided course, I’ll lead you to:


Heal your dis-empowering beliefs about money, your value, who you need to be in order to be acceptable in the work place so you can receive your true worth;

Discover an inner compass that guides you in making correct choices in how you spend your money – every time – and stop wasting money on things that don’t work;

Stop being a powerless victim to money and, instead, welcome money as a trusted partner and powerful friend into your business;

Learn the practices to build abundance and wealth for yourself and your family; and

Discover how being wealthy  serves the world.

The Alchemy of Money is an exclusive, small group intensive designed to shift your relationship with money radically so you can have the freedom you dreamt of when you started your business.

Money wants you to feel the joy of taking your family on that dream vacation, of purchasing your dream home, of reaching and breaking through the 6-figure ceiling, of giving to causes you believe in, of spreading your message throughout the world, of treating yourself to high-vibration experiences, and whatever else you are dreaming.

Money wants to be used by you to do good in the world.

Money wants to dance with you, play with you, love you.

You are invited to change your relationship with Money and Abundance Forever!


The world has changed. By taking this opportunity to shift your relationship with Money, you will provide new pathways of abundance for yourself and your family.

Full Pay $1800

3 payments of $633

During our four weeks together Money will become your most trusted confident and adviser for creating abundance.

You will:

  • Connect with the Energy of Money for greater flow;
  • Discover what numbers you need to know, so you are in control of your finances;
  • Eliminate Money leaks/ tolerances so you keep more of what you make;
  • Learn how devaluing your work, not charging and undercharging create Karmic Debt for your clients and sabotage your success;
  • Become skilled at using the power of desire to attract abundance;

Plus, I’m sharing my 7 steps to manifesting: it’s not just thinking good thoughts

  • And more….



When you sign up for The Art of Money you get:


4 weekly LIVE coaching classes with Q+A! (all recorded, just in case you miss one). 

Access to our private course Facebook group, where you’ll receive personalized coaching on your questions, problems and assignments, along with endless resources.

 Replays you can watch anytime (you have FOREVER access).

ME walking hand in hand with you to catch your hidden money blocks, dis-empowering habits and old beliefs and guide you to changes that make a difference.  ** I keep it small so that you get personalized attention on our group calls **

A sisterhood of women committed to more abundance, money and wealth for all.

And for taking FAST ACTION: A private 1-on-1 coaching session with Julie for the first five women to register



This is an exclusive, live small group experience.

It’s not for everyone, and that’s ok.

This is for women who are hungry to change their relationship with money once and for all. Who are eager to show up and do the work. Who are willing to look in the dark corners of their own limiting beliefs and shine healing light on the gremlins that live there.

Women who are ready to leave a different legacy for their children and grandchildren than the one that was left for them.

This is for chicks who want to be in love with money and all of its possibilities.

I invite you to join us.

Do it now (wealthy women take action when called).

** Calls start March 6 **


Full Pay $1800

3 payments of $633

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