Congratulations! You are registered for the Art of Money Virtual Live Retreat on April 6 & 7, 10 am – 4 pm Pacific.


I’m so honored to welcome you into a new relationship with Money -A relationship that acknowledges the gifts that you bring to the planet with an every increasing flow.


Money has plans for you! While I’ll be guiding you through the energetic processes to open your money channels, the Energy of Money will be working behind the scenes on the same mission.


With the focus of the sistermind we will clear money blocks, release past life vows and create a pathway for you to break through your current income ceiling.


Your commitment to attend has already set in motion the magic of unseen forces coming to your aid to create the Money relationship of your dreams. Continue to feed that magic by asking, “What is it that I will create as a result of attending this event? How do I want to feel about Money? How much would I like to flow into my business this year?”

Here are some logistics to keep in mind:

~~ Block out the time on your calendar now! It’s easy to get caught up and forget to calendar things. Block the whole weekend. Each day builds upon the previous day. Because of the deep work we do this is not an event for you to come and go. Your presence is part of the container that allows everyone a safe and secure place to grow.


~~ We will meet on Zoom. Save this link: 

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Meeting ID: 852 5519 0634
Passcode: 017511

We will be dancing, sharing, and coaching on camera, so wear comfortable clothes that make you feel like a Goddess.


~~ This is not your normal business event. You will have the opportunity to fully play in your creative Feminine essence as you design your Money Flow to support your life, not the other way around. This is a full immersion event, so please don’t schedule other appointments during the event. You want to be fully present to partake of all the yumminess.


~~ You will receive a packet of worksheets before the event. Be sure to print everything out and have it on hand when we start. (Because we are going to ignite the energy of your Divine Masculine as well!)


~~ Invite a friend. When you bring a friend along, you’re not just offering them a ticket to an event; you’re inviting them into a shared adventure where both of you can explore new perspectives, challenge your boundaries, and support each other through moments of vulnerability and breakthroughs.

Moreover, the journey doesn’t end when the event does. The shared experience becomes a seed for countless conversations and reflections, helping you both integrate the lessons into your daily lives. It’s like having a partner in accountability, ensuring that the insights and commitments don’t fade away with time but instead blossom into meaningful changes in your lives.

Use this link to provide your friend with a special “friend of a friend” investment.

The Art of Money Retreat Friend Ticket


**Let us know if you need assistance. My team and I are here to help!**


With all my heart,

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