You are here because someone cares about you and wants you to have a prosperous, life giving, juicy relationship with Money!
 You are:


A female coach, healer or spiritual entrepreneur;


Ready to break through your current income ceiling to claim the natural abundance that is your birthright…


As you express all of your Divine Feminine magic in your work.

The Art of Money Virtual Event

April 6 & 7, 2024



Investment $497
Reserve your complimentary seat
with a fully refundable $97 deposit
(All refunds will be processed after you sign in for the first day of the event.)

In just two days you’ll receive  tools to double or triple your income, without having to…


….. sacrifice your family
…  force yourself into some guru-generated model of success that just doesn’t feel like you
… or hide your magic in fear of being ostracized as “one of those weirdos”.

The amount of money you have is limited only by your ability to receive.


We all have a set threshold for how much money is comfortable.


Yet, ervery now and then, we surprise ourselves and exceed that amount. Our energetic channels of receiving get stretched beyond our comfort zone and then snap back to a smaller, disappointing, more familiar bubble.


You’ve probably experienced this at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. You have your first $10k month. You are excited. Then some shadow of doubt, fear and disbelief creeps in and you just can’t seem to replicate that success….


… even when you are taking the same exact actions.


This is because society, our families, and the communities we hang out in have taught us to limit ourselves in what is acceptable.


We unconsciously build our receiving pathways to conform to standards set by others.


However, there are energetic principles that, when applied, permanently expand your receiving channels so that recreating $10k, $15k, even $20k months consistently becomes the norm.


And you get to do it without working 15 hour days…


… while still attending your kid’s soccer games, dance recitals and school plays


…. and doing the healing work you know you were born to do.

It is my mission to get more money into the hands of more women

When women have money, they have choice!

♥ They have the ability to make the best choices for themselves and their families.


♥ They can choose to support causes they believe in.


♥ They can take a seat at the table of decision makers.


♥ Women with money will change the world. 

Let me ask you:

What would you do with an extra $1000, $3000, $10,000, $70,000….

~~ Retreat in Bali where you guide your best clients to finding a deeper connection with Source?

~~ Long awaited vacation with your whole family on a sun-drenched beach in Costa Rica: filled with monkey and sloth sightings, amazing Caribbean food, and lots of snuggles on the hammock with your littles?

~~ Remodel that one corner of your home that you’ve always hated (goodbye awful shade of green ), so it becomes the dreamy, soul-filled haven you long for?

~~ Hire the team you need to expand your reach so more people benefit from your important message?

What else is your soul longing for?

It’s not about doing more.

It is about using energetic tools that are available to all of us, but which the patriarchy has kept hidden to keep us compliant.

Together, we are going to dig in deeply, shift limiting beliefs, clear old money karma and open your flow of Money.


Your investment $497  

Reserve your complimentary seat
with a fully refundable $97 deposit
(All refunds will be processed after you sign in for the first day of the event.)


Money is ready to flow to you!

Here’s how we’ll roll:

Over two days via zoom (from the comfort of your living room):

  • You will learn how to respectfully open the energy channels that flow from Source into the physical world and gently expand your receiving abilities so that money can move through you with more ease
  • You’ll identify and release of old beliefs, past life vows, and family rules that limit your ability to receive abundance fully

  • We’ll create a strategic unique-to-you plan to double your income in the next 12 months the Feminine Way (no more guru formulas designed by men/for men)
  • You’ll make new friendships within our community of wise women, which will lovingly hold you in the expanded vibration of the money magnet you are becoming.

By applying the principles in The Art of Money our clients have …

… called in an unexpected windfall of $70,000 to fund her business operations;

…. Created a new consulting firm that increased her income by over 50% in her first year alone;

Attracted, in the first quarter of 2022, what she had made in her best full previous year, allowing her to take an extended European vacation and move into a huge, new dream home;

…. Log her biggest income year ever, while taking more time to taxi her kids to soccer, spend time at the gym and hang out on the beach during the summer;


What story will you be telling in 2024?

** Now, all of this may sound a little bit like dream-land. I remember feeling that way. Until I decided to manifest my dream home.

To get started, I toured a townhome in the complex where I was longing to live. It had everything….

… it was 4 minutes from my granddaughters, 15 minutes from my grandsons

… space for my office and a guest room;

… a toy room (because my littles are a bit spoiled) and ready access to the community tennis courts and pool;

… and it’s right on the edge of thousands of wilderness acres.

My mind told me that it would take at least three years to get everything lined up in order to move here.

But I decided I wouldn’t wait.

Within 15 minutes I had a strategy in place, and I made an offer.

Within 40 days I brought in the full down payment (I hadn’t saved anything for this) on a home in one of the most expensive counties in California.

A few days before closing I manifested the funds to enter a 7-week remodel that included new floors, wall treatments and 3 completely remodeled bathrooms.

** It may sound a little dream-land, because it is. And I’m going to show you how to make the dream reality

Your investment $497  

Reserve your complimentary seat
with a fully refundable $97 deposit
(All refunds will be processed after you sign in for the first day of the event.)


Reserve your early before we sell out


I have been a successful entrepreneur for thirty years and in the last three I have taken my work to a new arena – leadership for network marketing women. I knew that I needed help with getting out of my head and into my heart to be more vulnerable and authentic with my tribe. Julie has been the perfect coach to teach me the Art of Feminine Marketing. Her intuitive nature has opened my eyes and my mind to a new way of working with my clients. With her guidance, I have developed the big picture of my business over the next 5 years. I know what the 4 aspects are and how to bring them develop them for my tribe. To say the least, this is very exciting to know what is next for me. I have a clearer vision, greater passion for me and my business, and excitement for what comes next. This was truly a “don’t want to miss” opportunity.

Linda Patten, Dare2Dream With Linda

I highly recommend working with Julie Foucht. Her expertise and presence is priceless.

Signing up for her year long program was the best gift I could have given to myself which ultimately my relationships and clients benefit from as well!

Julie’s intuition and arsenal of tools always gives me what I need to work through whatever I am faced with. I am proud I have grown stronger in myself, more confident in my gifts and abilities and my ability to communicate openly and honestly has increased tremendously – it feels good to really be seen for who I am.

I am thankful that I have received such tremendous support and a new way of understanding how I uniquely operate in the world.

Nicolette Tura, The Illuminated Body

When I came to Julie, life felt very dark. My business was going nowhere and I didn’t even know how to start to bring it to life.  She showed me the beauty of my feminine and helped me to let go of the masculine energy I was holding onto.  With that I was able to give up anxiety, perfection, and the need to be “productive” all the time.  She helped me restore balance and life opened up from there. I found my flow and things moved with grace and ease (so much better than pushing every minute!). My business flourished with new ideas and ways to encourage the mamas I work with. Fear transformed into something lovely.  I was loved and supported throughout our journey and after. I am so thankful for the gifts Julie has given me!

Emily Moon, Wildly Wondrous Homeschool

Julie’s Alchemy of Money program is a game-changer! The group dynamic really helps reinforce that we are not alone in either our struggles or our victories. The in-session teaching and the at-home exercises lay a solid foundation for a vibrant relationship with Money and being ready for the abundance that is ours for the asking. 

Heather Wethington, P.E., Wethington Engineering, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions


⇒ Is this just for women?

My purpose is to empower spiritual entrepreneurs, irrespective of gender identity, to thrive financially. We wholeheartedly welcome and value people of all genders, including those who identify as non-binary, and extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us. Although our event is primarily tailored to support women entrepreneurs, you’ll discover that the majority of the content is universally relevant and beneficial for people from all walks of life.


⇒ How long do I need to be in business for this event to benefit me?

This is not about longevity. It is about opening your money channels so that you can make more without sacrificing the people and passions that are important to you. All of the Art of Money principles can be used to climb above and beyond your current income ceiling, whether that’s $40k a year or $400k a year, while still honoring the wild, divine, life-birthing feminine within you.


⇒ Is this a live event or is it virtual?

Completely virtual! The entire event unfolds magically on Zoom. You’ll be encouraged to show up from your cozy home office or living room wearing something comfortable that reflects your business brand.


⇒ Will there be a replay?

Given the immersive nature of this event, sending you a recording simply wouldn’t serve you. Just being in the vibration of the community gathered for this event will elevate your ability to receive more money. There’s no substitute for the live experience. We strongly urge you to make every effort to join us in person and fully immerse yourself in the magic.


⇒ Should I bring a friend?

Absoulutely. We have found that attending with someone you already love and trust elevates your ability to stay in the vibration of money after the event ends and creates accountability to maintain your growth and implement your plans. We even have a special investment amount for your invitees.


⇒ Will there be a lot of selling at this event?

We have all been to events that feel like one big pitch for your credit card. That is NOT this event. The Art of Money is packed full of actual practices and tools that you can immediately use to increase your income.


We will offer you the opportunity to continue with Julie if it aligns with your goals and soul desires. It would be out of integrity to offer the transformation you’ll experience at the event, and not offer a pathway to deepen your learning.


There is no pressure to continue and we’ll still love you regardless of your decision.

Secure Your Spot Today

What others are saying:

I hired Julie as my business marketing coach because she offers a truly unique and evolutionary approach to business.  Julie and her business practices are an example of the delicate balance between the feminine and masculine energy. She understands how to integrate the two to create a business  that unifies the different elements within us. She listens for and recognizes all the parts of you so that your business feels representative of the holistic gifts you bring as an impactful Entrepreneur.  Julie knows how to weave the creative, intuitive, flow of the feminine with the structure and logic of the masculine. This balance is what businesses of the future are made of! Julie also attracts very talented and innovative clients and partnerships. So when you work with Julie, you not only get her genius but also the genius of other women entrepreneurs.  You connect to a truly inspiring mastermind when you connect to Julie. Before I worked with Julie, I had a hard time explaining what I do. The truly tangible aspects of my business were missing. I had difficult enrolling clients because I could not communicate my process and the measurable results they receive. Once I partnered with Julie and her community of all stars, the tangibility and opportunities flooded in.  I re-engineered my Program and prices to reflect the magnificence I was providing and created an online presence.  I was also able to see how I could still be creative and adventurous while being profitable and balanced with my time.   I am so grateful for Julie’s ability to guide your authenticity. I feel like the red carpet is gracefully rolling out for the business of my dreams.

Jennifer Mount

Julie’s powerful mother tiger energy took my vision and amped it up to levels I hadn’t conceived in my wildest dreams. Prior to working with her I was frustrated from not being able to connect with women I was trying to reach. Julie swiveled the table and gave me the tools to tap into my client’s hearts and souls. Now I’m reaching the women who really need me, doing the work that I’m meant to be doing with a community of amazing clients that have blossomed around me thanks to Julie. Her shamanic heart could see what I was aiming for and helped me heal from wounding that was keeping me from stepping up to the next level with my business. Working with Julie gave me the courage to bringing all of me into my business, including the part I’d avoided, the depth of my spirituality and I love this about my business now. My heart is filled with gratitude for her guidance and boldness to go into the really hard places that other coaches avoid. This is what makes her a tiger, a a shaman and the best ally a girl could have.

Gaianna Love

Julie has been instrumental in my phenomenal personal and financial growth as a health coach! In a relatively short amount of time, her techniques for tapping into the feminine side of marketing have allowed me to listen to the messages from my higher self.  I have been able to clarify the vision of what I truly have been yearning to create. I am now attracting my perfect clients through branding and gaining the confidence to be VISIBLE in the world. Julie’s coaching program has been a very profitable investment!

Ginny Miller

As a special treat, I’ve invited one of my favorite 6+ figure way-showers and mastermind sisters to add there wisdom to our collective experience.

Our Guest Expert:

Lindsay A Miller

Transformational Photographer 
The Power of  Images that inspire
and attract your Right Tribe


You are invited to join us as we change the old paradigm of MONEY!!

The Art of Money Virtual Event

April 6 & 7, 2024
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