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Money loves you, adores you

Money wants to dance wildly and joyfully around the room with you

Money wants to fill you with abundance so you live a juicy vibrant and free life

Money wants to fully support your work so you are wildly successful and influential

You want to believe this… really you do!

But somewhere deep inside the thoughts lurk:

‘Being in business for yourself is hard.’
‘If it comes easily to you then I won’t appreciate it.’
‘Money is evil
‘Rich people are snobs
‘If it’s fun for me, no one will pay for it.’
“There’s never enough

Outdated values from society about money and morality;

Deeply buried beliefs about your value and your worthiness to receive;

Past experiences that your inner saboteurs use to prove that money, for you, will always be a struggle;

I CALL BULLSHIT on your old money talk!

The reality is that when you heal your money wounds, you radiate waves of health that serve to heal others. There is no more scarcity. We heal the planet.

Yea, Baby, it’s about more than just you.

And it’s all about you.

You are the starting place.