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Welcome to Sacred Business Building The Feminine Way

I am honored to share with you my signature Art of Feminine Marketing online course, Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way. You will find 5 Seminars, each about 30 minutes long, that will guide you through the practices that I’ve used to create my 6-figure business and have taught to each of my clients in creating their own freedom-lifestyle business.

Each Seminar has the following:

  • One Video Course for you to play ~ About 30 min in length
  • Handouts for you to use to practice your new skills
  • Bonus Guides that describe some of my favorite resources


  • Have a Journal with you during this experience so you can take notes, as well as jot down questions that may come up for you during the process.
  • Be sure to join the private Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way Facebook Forum as soon as you start this course. This will not only be where you submit your homework, ask questions, and share celebrations, but it is also a place for you to build a community with other business women like yourself.

If at any time you need additional support, please email me at:

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With All My Heart,                           

~ Julie