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Most of the world lives in fear and panic around money.

“There won’t be enough to pay my bills/allow me to retire/ let me live my dream life,” the monkey voices whisper.

We are taught to live in dread and associate money with a feeling of not being good enough, rich enough, worthy enough.

Society sends the message that money is scarce, poverty is holy and the desire to be rich is a human frailty.

And desire of any sort is a particularly weak sin of women.

Here is the truth:

Our thoughts, mindset and unseen beliefs about money can shut us down so that money can’t come through.

Think of yourself as a  metal tube through which money flows. Your fears, especially those that you are unaware of, tighten the tube, restricting the flow. Your fear increases and tightens the tube even more, resulting in aversion, rather than attraction.

This endless cycle of fear and tightening just sucks.

Are you ready to change this?

Over the last few years, as my income has grown, I’ve had some amazing money teachers.

One of the best is the Energy of Money itself.

  • Money taught me an empowering way to look at debt.
  • How to tap into the unlimited abundance of Source.
  • How to be in true gratitude every time I pay my bills.

And so much more.

Whenever I feel myself slipping back into the false illusion of lack, I call my friend Money.

We have a little chat where I am reminded that we live in an abundant world and that money wants us to live wildly vibrant, juicy, fun lives.

You see,

Money desires to be a partner in spreading your message in the world.

Money loves you.

Money asked me to design a FREE 7 day challenge and share my practices for communicating directly with Money energy.

In 7-days you’ll learn:

how to call Money directly, so that you can increase your flow with ease.

secrets that Money has only for you, which will fuel your unique mission and your most precious visions.

~ practices to shift your money beliefs from scarcity and lack to abundance and love, thus allowing more abundance in your life.

We will go through this experience together. Here’s how:

1. Each morning you will receive a mediation and a writing prompt via email to begin your conversation with money.

2. In the afternoon, we will gather together LIVE in the Facebook group to share what you have learned from your personal conversation with the energy of money.

You’ll be able to use the techniques you learn long after the experience ends to build your own creative, supportive relationship with money.

I use this exact process in my own Source-fueled coaching practice and teach it to my high-end Art of Feminine Marketing clients.

You get it for free so you can apply this to your business and money making projects. 

Simply provide your name and email address and you’ll receive your daily meditation and a writing prompt for you to create a loving, respectful and successful relationship with money beginning June 21.

Find out what money has to teach you.

I invite you to join the challenge today.

P.S.  I’ll be giving out daily prizes to expand your ability to receive… so don’t wait!!! Join the challenge now.