Welcome to the Courting Money Online Experience!

Please plan to spend 15 to 20 minutes with this process each day.

You may use the guided meditation below or guide yourself through this process with these directions:

Each day, I will post a new affirmation and question that opens up a conversation with the Energy of Money.

Sit quietly and focus first on your breath. Focusing on the breath flowing in and out.

Next focus your attention on your connection to Mama Earth. Feel her supporting you, grounding you, nourishing you.

Invite the Energy of Money to join you by simply saying aloud, “Money, please join me.”

 Depending on your way of processing, you may feel it’s energy or you may see an image or color representing Money. Allow the Energy of Money to come to you in a way that works for you.

Write the day’s affirmation in a money journal and read it aloud. Focus your attention on the words. Reflect on the affirmation for several minutes.

When you are ready, pick up your money journal and write the day’s question. Write whatever answer pops into your head without editing. If additional questions come up, or you want to explore more with Money, continue the conversation. Each question is a starting place for you to get to know Money better.

After you have completed your conversation, go to the Facebook group and leave a comment about your days date with money. You might share how you felt, or something you learned. This elevates the learning for others as well as for you AND earns you an entry in that day’s prize drawing.

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