Who Are:

Ready to call in the energy of Money, opening your channels of receiving so that ever-increasing money flows  on an ongoing basis….

… providing your human body with abundant support

… so that you have the freedom to do the soul work you were born to do;

Ready to discover the language of your right tribe

… those souls that you agreed to serve before you were even born

… who are crying in the middle of the night, waiting for you to show up and lead them out of the pain they are experiencing

… so that your words, your marketing, your beingness lights a pathway that they can follow to you;

Ready to drop the mask of that nice girl that society taught you were necessary

… to be an accepted member of the community

… to make your family proud

… to avoid being left alone and helpless in a bitter world

… and embody the powerful Creatrix who writes her own rules of business and success;

Ready to be done with the gurus who push business strategies designed for men

… that ignore a woman’s innate ability to create from her connection to the Divine

… that tell you to ignore your natural rhythms and push through to exhaustion

… that tell you that YOU are the problem for not being more man-like in your business

… and embrace the new paradigm of soul-fueled, heart-centered, fierce and gentle Feminine Business.

If this is you, you are invited to join us at:

I get it.

You’ve studied the formulas that the big guys claim they used to make millions. You’ve worked your booty off implementing exactly what they say to do.


You’ve had some success, but can’t figure out how to break through to the next income level.

You know that your work is innovative and valuable, but can’t quite reach the right clients.

You attract people who take your time and energy, but leave you feeling small and unappreciated.

And frankly, you are tired of hiding parts of yourself to seem more acceptable to the world.

Sister, I feel ya’.

 It’s time to drop the one-size-fits-all marketing formulas that don’t work for a woman’s soul.

Let me show you how to unlock the secrets that will finally help you make big money through the unique and fabulous expression of all of who you were born to be!

I’m Calling Soul-Fueled, Freedom-Loving, Wild-Hearted Women Who:

    • Are frustrated with trying to fit yourselves and your businesses into a model that was built for men;
    • Want to create profit and value using all of who you are;
    • Ready to claim your ability to connect with the Divine Feminine in the spiritual realm in order to create phenomenal results for your clients and yourself;
    • Feel angry about hiding your womanly essence in order to fit into a world that is clearly not designed for the feminine soul;
    • Long to be respected for making a big difference while making a big income; and
    • Can taste success and sense the money that is coming but cannot yet see the path to do it.

    If you are ready to CHANGE THE WAY BUSINESS IS DONE forever! To let go of pushing and conjure a business that makes your Soul sing with ease and joy… this is your INVITATION.

I’m Julie Foucht

A few years ago I was on track for my first 6-figure year.

It had not been an easy road to get there. I had worked my bootie off doing it.

I studied the Big Names in the coaching and business industry and studiously followed their formulas.

I thought I had finally made it. And then…

My car was rear-ended while I was stopped at a red light.

For the next four months I was in so much pain I could barely work.

No more 12 hour days, no more pushing through. The 6-figure income goal slipped away. In those still, quiet moments, a small voice began to whisper.

“There is a different way of doing business that honors the feminine soul.

 An approach that combines cutting edge marketing strategy with soul-centered creativity. Where women can make money, have a seat at the table of decision-makers, stand on world stages, build world-changing businesses, spend time with those we love, nurture ourselves, have fun, working 4 days a week.”

As I let go of my old beliefs around working HARD and began to implement the Art of Feminine Marketing, my life and business changed.

In the past year my business has enabled me to purchase two new cars, take 4 vacations and buy my dream home.

I regularly mastermind with high level business sisters on sacred land in places like Sedona and Santa Fe.

I take my own clients on retreat to reclaim the lost and hidden parts of themselves to the vortexes of Joshua Tree, the heart Island Kuaui, and the vibrant, pulsing city of New Orleans.

I’m living the dream I envisioned 15 years ago when I was most lost and hopeless.

And it’s AMAZING.

I want you to live the dream you are envisioning!

And I want you to do it in a way that is life-giving, soul-enriching and fun.

Here is the Truth about building a profitable business that you love

** Most people in the coaching industry won’t tell you this***:

The answer is NOT in another formula.

We women are designed to be CREATORS, not copiers.

Biologically we are designed to conceive, grow life, give birth. We are designed to nurture with our own bodies, suckling our babies at our breasts. And then, slowly over time, allowing our children to grow, mature, begin their own lives.

At a soul level we mimic our biology, We are designed to grow new ideas, to nurture new paradigms, to give space for the unfolding of new ways of doing business (and life).


We work best following our own natural cycle and the cycles of Mama Earth.

We crave the company of sisters, who inspire us, support us, are with us on the path in ways that men don’t understand.

We need room to allow our ideas to reveal themselves before we can jump into action.

All of this is an inside out job.

Client attraction and massive income only happens when you are willing to look inward and enter into a journey of self-examination.


Digging out the buried wounds of your past for the answers to who you are meant to serve and how to reach them.

Reclaiming the parts of yourself that you hid away out of fear, shame and guilt, adding to your power and strength.

Rediscovering your connection to Source that allows you to create results like magic.

The answer is to call forth the greatness within you, transforming old beliefs, old thoughts, old patterns of being. Healing and reintegrating lost, wounded, hidden parts of your soul, so that you bring ALL of you to the table.


In other words, Success, real fulfilling, dancing on the table, financially abundant success… comes from doing the deep personal inside work that can’t be found in a formula.

This work is not for the faint of heart.

It is not for those looking for the easy way.

It is for women who are:

  • Willing to work differently (even dangerously!) in order to have a different result
  • Willing to change the way things have always been done as you grow into new paradigms creating your programs, your marketing and your goals through your connection to the Divine
  • Ready to look honestly at your beliefs, habits and daily practices and make the shifts necessary to heal old wounds, let go of disempowering beliefs and build a business that weaves with your life joyfully;
  • Not afraid to challenge norms and typical ways of being in business so that you have more ease, more connection and more abundance
  • Willing to take big risks in service to your tribe, your mission, your life
  • Ready to grow your relationship with money, so you become a conduit for more abundance flowing through you.
  • Willing to expand your ability to receive; more money, more love, more joy, more fun.

    If you say “Yes, This is ME!”, I invite you to join me at the Art of Feminine Business Sistermind Retreat.


    Your investment $497  

      Early Bird only $297

    Seats are Limited. Reserve yours today.


    The Art of Feminine Business:

    • Creating a 6 – or 7-figure business that allows you to travel, spend time with your loved ones and have great adventures;
    • Crafting a marketing platform where your voice is  honored, your wisdom is sought, your mission is fully experienced in ever expanding ripples of influence;
    • Having absolute clarity about who YOUR people are, what words to use to magnetize them, and how to position yourself uniquely through your marketing so they know you are the one to solve their pain;
    • Developing an intimate relationship with money, that allows you to manifest the means to live a juicy, free, amazing life;
    • Knowing exactly when to tap into your divine masculine and flow, gently, easefully into action, implementing the strategies birthed in your feminine essence;
    • Being so loved by a community of sisters that you always have someone to hold you when you are tired,  lift you when you are down, and jubilantly celebrate with you when you are successful.

    Your investment $497  

    Early Bird only $297

    Seats are Limited. Reserve yours today.

    November 19 -20, 2022

    @ Pajaro Dunes Resort,

    Watsonville Ca

    Note: Accommodations and travel are not included. Once you secure your spot, you will receive a link to reserve your space at the resort. Refunds not accepted.


    I have been a successful entrepreneur for thirty years and in the last three I have taken my work to a new arena – leadership for network marketing women. I knew that I needed help with getting out of my head and into my heart to be more vulnerable and authentic with my tribe. Julie has been the perfect coach to teach me the Art of Feminine Marketing. Her intuitive nature has opened my eyes and my mind to a new way of working with my clients. With her guidance, I have developed the big picture of my business over the next 5 years. I know what the 4 aspects are and how to bring them develop them for my tribe. To say the least, this is very exciting to know what is next for me. I have a clearer vision, greater passion for me and my business, and excitement for what comes next. This was truly a “don’t want to miss” opportunity.

    Linda Patten | Dare2Dream With Linda


    Your investment $497  

    Early Bird only $297

    Seats are Limited. Reserve yours today.


    Day one we’ll dig into the principles of the Art of Feminine Marketing, a key component for doing business from your Divine Feminine.

    You’ll learn:

    • The three levels of speaking your soul-client’s language so they feel seen, heard and understood and WANT to work with you before your first sales conversation


    • How to discover your unique, personalized Magic Marketing Words that light the pathway for your right clients to find you

    Plus, have plenty of time to get to know and Mastermind with your business sisters who are present


    Day Two you will:

    • Enroll the energy of Money as a collaborator to create the changes you want to make in the world
    • Uncover the hidden blocks that are keeping you from breaking through your current income ceiling
    • Learn my number one tool for up-leveling your relationship with money allowing you to open the doors to greater abundance & flow
    • Receive practical templates & everyday worksheets to track your flow of money, plan your income-generating strategies, & take control of your path to success


    Your investment $497  

    Early Bird only $297

    Seats are Limited. Reserve yours today.



    I hired Julie as my business marketing coach because she offers a truly unique and evolutionary approach to business.  Julie and her business practices are an example of the delicate balance between the feminine and masculine energy. She understands how to integrate the two to create a business  that unifies the different elements within us. She listens for and recognizes all the parts of you so that your business feels representative of the holistic gifts you bring as an impactful Entrepreneur.  Julie knows how to weave the creative, intuitive, flow of the feminine with the structure and logic of the masculine. This balance is what businesses of the future are made of! Julie also attracts very talented and innovative clients and partnerships. So when you work with Julie, you not only get her genius but also the genius of other women entrepreneurs.  You connect to a truly inspiring mastermind when you connect to Julie. Before I worked with Julie, I had a hard time explaining what I do. The truly tangible aspects of my business were missing. I had difficult enrolling clients because I could not communicate my process and the measurable results they receive. Once I partnered with Julie and her community of all stars, the tangibility and opportunities flooded in.  I re-engineered my Program and prices to reflect the magnificence I was providing and created an online presence.  I was also able to see how I could still be creative and adventurous while being profitable and balanced with my time.   I am so grateful for Julie’s ability to guide your authenticity. I feel like the red carpet is gracefully rolling out for the business of my dreams.

    Jennifer Mount

    Julie’s powerful mother tiger energy took my vision and amped it up to levels I hadn’t conceived in my wildest dreams. Prior to working with her I was frustrated from not being able to connect with women I was trying to reach. Julie swiveled the table and gave me the tools to tap into my client’s hearts and souls. Now I’m reaching the women who really need me, doing the work that I’m meant to be doing with a community of amazing clients that have blossomed around me thanks to Julie. Her shamanic heart could see what I was aiming for and helped me heal from wounding that was keeping me from stepping up to the next level with my business. Working with Julie gave me the courage to bringing all of me into my business, including the part I’d avoided, the depth of my spirituality and I love this about my business now. My heart is filled with gratitude for her guidance and boldness to go into the really hard places that other coaches avoid. This is what makes her a tiger, a a shaman and the best ally a girl could have.

    Gaianna Love

    Julie has been instrumental in my phenomenal personal and financial growth as a health coach! In a relatively short amount of time, her techniques for tapping into the feminine side of marketing have allowed me to listen to the messages from my higher self.  I have been able to clarify the vision of what I truly have been yearning to create. I am now attracting my perfect clients through branding and gaining the confidence to be VISIBLE in the world. Julie’s coaching program has been a very profitable investment!

    Ginny Miller

    As a special treat, I’ve invited one of my favorite 6+ figure way-showers and mastermind sisters to add there wisdom to our collective experience.

    Our Guest Expert:

    Lindsay A Miller

    Transformational Photographer and Facilitator

    The Power of  Images that inspire and attract your Right Tribe


    You are invited to join us as we change the old paradigm of business!!

    November 19 -20, 2022

    @ Pajaro Dunes Resort,

    Watsonville Ca

    Note: Accommodations and travel are not included. Once you secure your spot, you will receive a link to reserve your space at the resort. Refunds not accepted.


    Your investment $497  

    Early Bird only $297

    Seats are Limited. Reserve yours today.

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