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The puzzle of this life is how to walk two worlds. How to have the fullest human experience and remember we are divine.

In the past, we were taught to remove our connection to Source from our business. That magic was dangerous, witches were wicked, and Feminine Divinity was limited to the Virgin whose only job was to birth a savior.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, these rules are woven into our DNA by a patriarchal system that seeks to diminish feminine power, leaving us feeling small, powerless and alone.

And yet, as the current systems are falling away, opportunities to change the way we’ve always done things are blossoming. Source is inviting you to bring more spirit into your business and bring more business to your healing magic.

Now is the time

… to gather as witches, Source-ourses, priestess, Divine Feminine Business women, unafraid to introduce our magic to the world, and be abundantly supported by that magic;

… to guide our business growth from our connection to Source, and the Goddesses who express different essences of Source;

… and to reveal ourselves as magical beings in human bodies.


When you look inward for guidance, aligned with your soul’s purpose and connected to the Goddesses:

~ Marketing becomes a joyous sharing of your message

~ The right clients are magnetically drawn to you

~ Money flows in every increasing quantities

~ Life and business feel lighter

~ The world vibrates at a higher frequency allowing your healing to spread across the planet.

Join us for the complimentary Magic Business Quest to bring more magic into your business and more business to your magic.

Over 5 days you’ll explore how each of the elemental energies of nature; spirit, fire, air, water and earth, enhances your business. And you’ll connect with a different Goddess energy each day for insights, direction and inspiration in moving your business forward and opening the flow of clients, money and acknowledgment.

Each day you’ll receive a short email describing the element and introducing you to the Goddess who stepped forward to represent that element. You will also receive a meditation to meet the Goddess and to receive her insights.

If you choose, you will share what you’ve learned in our Facebook community to enhance the learning of others, cement your own learning, and be entered into the drawing for daily prizes.

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Any quest includes companions on the journey. Please share this quest with your business girlfriends who might also be longing to bring more magic into their businesses… and make more money doing it.

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