Welcome to the Magic Business Quest: Bringing spirituality into your business and business to your spirituality

Congratulations! You are IN!

Our 5-day quest is designed to deepen your connection with Source so that you create a soul-fueled business that allows you to fulfill your purpose on the planet, use the magic gifts that are woven into your DNA and open your channels to an ever – increasing flow of money, acknowledgment and pleasure.

Here is how this will work:

Each day you will receive an email with a description of each element and the Goddess who has stepped forward to represent that element.

Included in the email is a meditation to guide you in meeting that Goddess, and some questions you might want to ask Her.

After completing the meditation, you are invited to share what you’ve learned in our Facebook Community. This will strengthen your learning, enhance the experiences of others and qualify you to win prizes. (I love to give prizes 😊)

My mission is to empower you to bring more spirit into your business and enable you to use your spiritual gifts to make more money. When women have money, we can change the world.

If at any time during, or after the quest, you feel called to go deeper, reach out to me and schedule a complimentary Feminine Business Assessment call.

To get the most out of the quest:

Prepare your space

I invite you to create an alter for this quest with sacred objects representing the five elements.

Use candles for fire; Himalayan salt, stones, crystals or blue corn for earth; blessed water for water; palo santos, sage, feathers or a rattle for air; and other items meaningful to you that represent spirit.

Place your journal next to your alter, so you can record your daily journey.

To bless your water, imagine opening a space above your head for the energy of Source to flow into you. Holding your left hand over the dish of water, pull Source energy through your crown, into your heart and out of your hand into the water saying, “This water is now blessed with the love and light of Source”, or any prayer that feels right to you.

 ** At the end of the quest you may keep the water on your alter, or return it to the earth in your garden or other outdoor space. **

Block out time

You’ll need about 20 minutes a day to listen to the mediation and connect with the Goddess of the day. Of course, you may desire more time with one or more Goddesses. If this happens, let her know that you want more time, then schedule it.

Join the Facebook group

This is where we will celebrate each day and honor the wisdom you receive. You will also get an energetic boost from sharing your learnings with the group. And, by sharing, you’ll be entered into the drawing for daily prizes (because I love giving gifts!)


Invite others to join in

Women were not designed to work alone in silos. Your learnings spark a message in others. Their energy inspires your wisdom to shine through. Plus, it’s so much fun to play with like-minded women.

We have noticed on past quests that women get more out of this when they have friends and sisters join them as allies on this journey, as well as on the journey of building their businesses. Invite your friends and business sisters to join you here.

Reach out to me and the team if you need anything during our quest at info@juliefoucht.com

With all my heart,



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