Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions that will be forgotten by February 1,

use the Energy of Intention

to double your income, influence and joy in 2024 in the coming year 

by Naming Your Year!

⇒ ⇒ Name Your Year starts Dec 4⇐ ⇐

You’ll receive a daily email from me with prompts for connecting with the different parts of you to discover what really matters in the coming year.  Over the first nine days,  you’ll be creating a Soul Map of desire, intention and purpose. At the end of our ten days, we will pull it all together with a magical word or phase that will align your soul desires with the Creative Energy of the Universe for effortless flow and increased abundace. 

In our 10 Days together, you will:

Learn the practices to:

Connect directly with Source and allow your natural creative feminine wisdom to intuitively guide your decisions so that you can embrace your full power and and partner with Source to manifest what you want with ease.

Gain understanding of:

How to craft a powerful anchor that pulls you back into relationship with your deepest desires when the world distracts you, giving you the focus to manifest your dreams into reality.

Discover the process to:

Release yourself from all the forcing, striving and pressure of trying to keep another “New Year Resolution” that feels stale by February. Instead focus your valuable time and energy on what will bring the greatest joy and success throughout the year.

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