Dearest Sister,

I’m delighted to welcome you into our sacred ritual.

Each day of the experience, you will receive a short meditation and writing prompt to guide you in descovering what the different asspects of you desire for the coming year . By the end of ten days, you’ll have enough clarity to set a powerful, magnetic intention for the coming year by Naming Your Year.

Your name will become the chalice within which your Divine Feminine can birth your desires and out of which you Divine Masculine will take action to make them manifest on the physical plane.

The Name Your Year Ritual begins December 4th. 

A couple of things about ME! (So you can relax and trust that this process will work.)


First, I’m a little bit of a wild witch and a little bit kickass business diva.

I love my cats and playing with my grandchildren (there are 8). I adore my clients and the f*#king amazing work they are bringing into the world.

My purpose on the planet is to Reawaken Women to their deep, magic, unbreakable connection to the Divine…. and help them make a ton of money in the process.

I know that your ability to make magic, to create your dream business, and to open the flow of money, love, respect and abundance, is in direct relation to your connection with and dedication to the Divine.

And, from this powerful place, we women can save the world. Nothing less will satisfy me.

So, together we start with the first step. This New Year that is fast approaching.

What will the coming year represent for you?

Through the process of Naming Your Year, you claim what you want, aligning your desires with the vibration of having them and allowing the Universe/Source/God to bring all kinds of unforeseen assistance, open doors, and uncommon synchronicity to assist you.

Naming is the first act of creation. It provides:

    • the theme for the year…
    • a frame for your outlook…
    • a guide for your decisions….
    • a container for manifesting your desires…
    • And lets the universe know what you are ordering –

It is not a New Year’s Resolution –

It is not goal setting, envisioning or affirmations – though it might have some elements of each of these.

This is not a to-do, nor does it excuse you from having to do.

You don’t have to save the world (unless you really, really want to and it would be the most fun, joyful experience you ever had).

In the process, you will open your third eye to envision what your soul wants for you. How good can you stand it?

What would make you super happy? (Happiness is a proven success strategy. Your year MUST have happiness.)

What brings the most love into your life and your world? (Love is the energy of Source. More Source energy = more abundance in all areas.)

If you could wiggle your nose (like Samantha the witch of “Bewitched” TV show) and have anything you wanted, what would that be? Yeah, Baby, dream big as you go through the process.


There are only five rules to this… ok, six. #1 is DO THE PROCESS all the way through! 😊

  1. If you haven’t already, click here to join the Facebook Group NOW – I’ll be there to answer your questions (and you can win PRIZES) daily!
  2. Relax, have fun.
  3. Don’t take this too seriously. Be light.
  4. There are no right or wrong answers.
  5. Reach out to me via the Facebook Group is you need help!! I’m here for you during the whole 10-day process. Stick with it.

Look for me in your inbox on December 4th for your first meditation and prompt. And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here for you.


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