Sweet sister on a mission,

Are you done with marketing gurus who promise one-size fits all strategies for reaching your success goals ?

Are you tired of trying to fit into formulas that feel too small and confining for your soul?

Do you long for your message and your magic to have a wider reach in the world?

Do you want to know how to magnetically attract exactly the right clients who love you and pay you well for your work?

Are you sick and tired of feeling invisible and unimportant?

Are you ready to build a deeply connected community of followers committed to awakening the planet to love?

You Are In The Right Place

If You are a Female Coach, Trainer, Healer and a Soul Centered Entrepreneur


Give me 5 weeks and I’ll show you the foundational practices to build


The biggest tragedy I see in this new ‘create a blog, make money while you sleep’ world is we end up confused from all of the varying information out there. All of the gurus are promising the same thing, this wildly successful income but with tactics that do not feel AUTHENTIC nor MISSION-DRIVEN. 

We become so confused not knowing the right way to do it.

As a result, women like you and me become

* Burned out

* Sick

* “Successful” with lots of money but trapped in a business that no longer brings any joy

I’m on a mission to change this!

My Journey starts here:


Those words resonated through me in meditation when I was at the edge of my 20-year abusive marriage, one of the lowest points in my life. I was scared. I didn’t know how to leave. I was afraid that if I did, I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own. How would I make enough money to support myself, let alone my children?

I felt powerless. Unimportant. Overwhelmed. And over-burdened.

It was not the first time that this source of guidance showed up in my life. But it was Her most direct guidance. “Leave or die,” She said.

I felt the truth of these words in every cell of my body, echoing through the fear drenched memories of my past, into the hope of something else, undefined, something life-giving. I knew that if I stayed I would not live.

And so I left.

I wandered aimlessly through the next few years, learning to survive on my own, giving myself space to heal and to believe again in love.

Then I discovered coaching. Yes! My heart leapt with joy. Yes, this is what I am meant to do with this one precious life I’ve saved. Yes!

(Perhaps, you experienced this feeling of Yes when you discovered your own purpose?)

I got all of the certifications and went through all of the seminars I could find, bought all of the marketing courses, put up a website, made a podcast, the whole works. I maxed out credit cards. 

And I was working 12 hour days doing it.

I didn’t know there could be any other way other than emulating achievement, accomplishment, action versus inaction.

I kept looking at how everyone else was doing it and I told myself I had to do more to get there. So I bought more courses, went to more seminars, got more certifications, did more podcasts, did what the gurus said…

I did more. And the more milestones I hit, the more anxious I felt. It was not enough. I was on the edge of burnout. And even though I was making more money than I ever had, I still didn’t feel like a success.

(Can you relate?)

That is when She, the voice from earlier, intervened. Sending a pickup truck careening into the back of my car at a stoplight.

Life stopped. Days of laying on ice packs and chiropractic visits ensued. 

It was then that Her voice came again. The same source of guidance that told me, leave or die. I realized she came only when I was willing to be silent and listening. 

“Loved one,” she said, “You do not need to push this hard. Business is meant to be a dance between your Feminine essence and your Masculine action. When the Feminine leads, you can actually do less, accomplish more, and receive more. More money, more freedom, more influence.” 

Slowly, over time, she revealed the keys. 

She was showing me the design of true wealth.

I applied the principles She guided me on. And then..


I easily surpassed the six-figure mark and my clients reported growth at an unprecedented rate!!!! Plus, I was having more fun and felt more spacious than I had in years. 

I was astonished.

I was a believer.

And I owed it all to this source of guidance.

But who is this source of guidance?

Ah… the answer revealed. It’s so simple that many people overlook it.

She can show you how you’re designed to be wealthy. 

She gives you all of the direction you need to get to where you need to be.

She guides you on how to bridge the gap between where you are and your dreams. 

And She will show you your divine path to wealth.

Not just monetary wealth, but wealth around what you value. 



She guided me to create a system that you can use to access this power on-demand; to design your wealth around your strengths, talents, and passion.

And to use this power to build a Sacred Business that honors your Divine Essence.

This is not a one-size-fits-all formula. But a series of principles that, when applied intentionally, allows you to create success on your terms. 

Want to know how Sacred Business Building the Feminine Way will put you on the path to a more abundant, fulfilling and life giving reality?

In this divinely guided course, I reveal:

  • 6 principles to uncover your soul-fueled mission and your wealth map so that business is easeful AND profitable
  • A simple, but powerful process that reveals your biggest strength and your most powerful gift
  • How to avoid the 3 mistakes new coaches, healers, and trainers make when they’re just starting that cost time, money and life energy
  • How to make money faster by doing less and be excited about your work 
  • 3 specific exercises to renew your mind, body, and emotions every single day
  • One key action that prevents clients from pulling your contracts midway through a project
  • Why new entrepreneurs fail to overcome their fear of sales and how to turn sales conversations into acts of service and love
  • How to eliminate self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm ending procrastionation and perfectionism, getting your products and programs to maket faster so you can make money and have an impact 
  • Create deep impact with your clients
  • How to develop complete confidence and clarity, eliminating second-guessing, on every decision you make
  • What it takes to establish a unique position in the market that instantly differentiates you from others and attract clients who want to work with you before you even have a sales conversation with them 

I teach these principles in live training events and for the first time, I’m making it available as an online, home-study course. 

Seminar One:

Connecting With Your Higher Self For Guidance

~ You will learn the number one secret to building a business that honors your feminine soul and provides a 6-figure income

~ You’ll receive practical tools that you can put in place right away to connect directly to the seat of all creativity and from which you will design your success template

~ You’ll learn to interpret messages from Source, including coincidences, dreams and the whispers of your imagination for guidance in planning your unique marketing strategies

Seminar Two:

Discovering your Divine Right Niche

~ You’ll learn the universal training method that all humans go through in order to hone their skills for living their purpose

~ You’ll use that methodology to discover and understand your divine right tribe better than they understand themselves

~ You’ll gain insight into the exact right marketing language to use in order to attract perfect clients and make sales conversations easy and profitable

Seminar Three:

Creating Programs & Packages in Collaboration with Your Perfect Client Avatar

~ You will connect with the energy of your perfect client  in order to create programs ideally designed to solve their deepest pain

~ You’ll take inventory of your skills, magic, and training to put together packages that provide your clients the most effective path to success in working with you

~ You’ll discover how creating programs and packages position you as a leader allowing you to have more influence, recognition as an expert, and make more money

Seminar Four:

Creating a Joyful Relationship with Money

~ You’ll uncover the hidden blocks that are keeping you from  breaking through your current income ceiling

~ You’ll learn my number one tool for up-leveling your relationship with money allowing you to open the doors to greater abundance and flow

~ You’ll receive practical templates and everyday worksheets to track your flow of money, plan your income generating strategies, and take control of your path to success

Seminar Five:

Designing a Marketing Plan that is in Rhythm with Your Unique Design

~You’ll tap into the knowing of your deepest self in order to create a tangible vision of your  highest and best life

~ You’ll build a realistic roadmap of benchmarks to get you to that perfect life vision

~ You’ll create a marketing calendar that aligns your lunches and strategies with your natural rhythm

~ You’ll eliminate the self criticism of not doing it the way others do and celebrate in your own unique and perfect design

You are invited to join a tribe of women changing the way we do business while making a lot of money doing it.

Option 1: Prepay $197


Option 2: Three payment plan of $69 each


It is my soul’s desire that you be successful. So, I’m giving these additional bonuses….

Bonus One:

Mindset Breakthrough Session with Julie

For the First Five Only

For the first five who take fast action and claim your seat, you’ll receive a private one-on-one 30-minute Mindset Breakthrough session with Julie.

Bonus Two:

Invitation to our Facebook Community

You’ll be part of a Facebook community where you’ll connect with business soul-sisters for support, collaboration, celebration and sharing of your ah ha moments. Plus, you can ask questions, gain clarity and receive support from Julie anytime throughout the course simply by posting in the group.

Bonus Three:

Resource List

Each week you’ll receive a resource list where you can find additional information and training on that week’s subject. This includes Julie’s favorite transformational and business building books, exercises and worksheets.

Bonus Four:

Guest Expert Audio Library

You’ll have access to audio interviews with some of the best business minds in the industry, with topics like:

Getting Free Media Coverage with Press Releases

Making Rockstar Videos that attract Clients Magneticly

The Power of Story to Create Compelling Sales Copy

Branding Tips

and More….

*** I have to warn you.***

This is NOT your ordinary online training program.

I’m not going to provide you with a generic, drag and drop marketing system that promises unbelievable results with little effort.

Instead, I’ll guide you through the process of creating a business and a strategy that truly reflects your unique gifts, the magic only you can provide and your individual rhythm. You business will become an extension of who you are and support you in living a wildly juicy life.

“Yes Julie, I’m ready to Craft a Business that Honors my Feminine Essence.”

Option 1: Prepay $197

Option 2: Three payment plan of $69 each

Julie’s powerful mother tiger energy took my vision and amped it up to levels I hadn’t conceived in my wildest dreams.

Prior to working with her I was frustrated from not being able to connect with women I was trying to reach. Julie swiveled the table and gave me the tools to tap into my client’s hearts and souls. Now I’m reaching the women who really need me, doing the work that I’m meant to be doing with a community of amazing clients that have blossomed around me thanks to Julie.

Her shamanic heart could see what I was aiming for and helped me heal from wounding that was keeping me from stepping up to the next level with my business. Working with Julie gave me the courage to bringing all of me into my business, including the part I’d avoided, the depth of my spirituality and I love this about my business now.

My heart is filled with gratitude for her guidance and boldness to go into the really hard places that other coaches avoid. This is what makes her a tiger, a a shaman and the best ally a girl could have.

Gaianna Love


I hired Julie as my business marketing coach because she offers a truly unique and evolutionary approach to business.

  Julie and her business practices are an example of the delicate balance between the feminine and masculine energy. She understands how to integrate the two to create a business  that unifies the different elements within us. She listens for and recognizes all the parts of you so that your business feels representative of the holistic gifts you bring as an impactful Entrepreneur.  Julie knows how to weave the creative, intuitive, flow of the feminine with the structure and logic of the masculine. This balance is what businesses of the future are made of!

Julie also attracts very talented and innovative clients and partnerships. So when you work with Julie, you not only get her genius but also the genius of other women entrepreneurs.  You connect to a truly inspiring mastermind when you connect to Julie.

Before I worked with Julie, I had a hard time explaining what I do. The truly tangible aspects of my business were missing. I had difficult enrolling clients because I could not communicate my process and the measurable results they receive. Once I partnered with Julie and her community of all stars, the tangibility and opportunities flooded in.  I re-engineered my Program and prices to reflect the magnificence I was providing and created an online presence.  I was also able to see how I could still be creative and adventurous while being profitable and balanced with my time.  

I am so grateful for Julie’s ability to guide your authenticity. I feel like the red carpet is gracefully rolling out for the business of my dreams. 

Jennifer Mount

I have been a successful entrepreneur for thirty years and in the last three I have taken my work to a new arena – leadership for network marketing women. I knew that I needed help with getting out of my head and into my heart to be more vulnerable and authentic with my tribe.

Julie has been the perfect coach to teach me the art of feminine marketing.

Her intuitive nature has opened my eyes and my mind to a new way of working with my clients. With her guidance, I have developed the big picture of my business over the next 5 years. I know what the 4 aspects are and how to bring them develop them for my tribe. To say the least, this is very exciting to know what is next for me.

I have a clearer vision, greater passion for me and my business, and excitement for what comes next. This was truly a “don’t want to miss” opportunity

Linda Patten

Dare2Dream With Linda

How Much is a Soul-Driven Mission &

A Wealth Map Designed Around Your Passion Worth?

A simple way to calculate this is to imagine the income you dream of earning one year from now. As an example, let’s say that’s $100,000.

That means you would earn $8,333 per month.

There are different coaching packages that you can provide and varying ways to achieve this income. To achieve this, let’s say you work a total of 20 hours per week (the total amount of hours I currently work on my business).

You’d be earning $104 per hour of work.

As a part of this program, you will receive a bonus of a pricing calculator that will show you EXACTLY what your pricing could be relative to the market.

This knowledge alone brings invaluable clarity. 

Let’s say that you’re just starting your business and based on the pricing calculator, your lowest fee possible generates $1,500 per month and you work 10 hours per week. That’s an hourly rate of $37.50/hour.

Now… if I was offering all of this information as a live training, I would charge at least $2,400 or more. 

But because I can offer this to you in an online, home-study format, I’m going to offer this to you at a price that’s ridiculously low.

A price that will make it so that literally anyone can afford to take advantage of it.

Instead of charging $2,400 for this training, I’m going to offer it to you at the low investment of $297 total. 

Even if you charge the lowest fee possible earning $1,500/month, you will receive 5x worth the investment in a matter of a month.

And if the low price of $297 isn’t enough to convince you, I’m also going to give you the option of paying 3 easy monthly payments of only $115 each so that this can be made available to you at a price that’s even more affordable. 

If you are ready to commit to building a business that brings you joy, has a huge influence on making the world a better place and making a ton of money while doing it, this course is for you!


“I’m in. Let’s start making money!”

Option 1: Prepay $197

Option 2: Three payment plan of $69 each

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