Are you a woman entrepreneur, a coach, healer, teacher, who knows in your heart you are meant to stand on world stages?

Do you know you are here to make a difference for people, but frustrated because you can’t do it if you aren’t making enough money with your business?

Are you ready to come out of the closet with marketing that is so compelling that your perfect clients awaken to your magic and clamor to work with you?

If you said YES, then you are in the right place.

work-with-me-vipI’m Julie Foucht.

A few years ago I called my company Kickass Biz Coaching. I loved it.

All I wanted was for my clients to have Kickass businesses.

I was awesome at helping them create marketing calendars and success strategies. I was known for it.

But I did something else as well…

Something that I kept hidden from the general public.

I worked a little magic for my clients. I took them on a journey into the deepest part of their soul, where their Highest Self resides, so they could discover their Highest Purpose, heal their internal saboteurs and build soul-centered, profitable businesses.

My clients had awesome success.

Then, my business plateaued. I was stuck.

I started to have conversations with my Highest Self. She urged me to come out of the closet and share my magic with the world. She urged me to create marketing and strategies from my Feminine Essence, and teach others the same.
And when I agreed, everything fell into place.


So here is the deal:

If you choose to work with me, you’ll get a Kickass coach who is also a bit of a witch.

I see the real you and understand that you have a deeper calling in the world. I will call you out in service to your purpose.

I will walk side by side with you to create a vision, a plan and grow your business, because you are needed in the world.

Together we’ll create strategies that are aligned with your soul’s guidance and make you money, because when women have money we can change the world.

I will be there with you and teach you to be bold and safe in the power of your Feminine Essence.


If you are ready to feel
the joy of doing work you are meant to do and
get paid well doing it,
here is how you can work with me:

The Feminine Business


A year-long program for female entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses massively through the marriage of their Divine Creative Feminine Essence and their Action Oriented Divine Masculine Energy.

The Art of Feminine Business

Premier Coaching

Work privately with Julie to discover your divine right niche; lean how to use Source energy to open your flow of money;  and create a customized, profitable business strategy that flows from your Feminine Essence.

Personal Intensive


VIP days are custom designed to fit your priorities. Spend time activating your creative magic self, then allow your action oriented masculine energy to create a business plan uniquely suited to your business.

Courses, Product

and Online Experiences

Learn the foundations of creating your business from your Divine Feminine, supported by the action of your Divine Masculine.

The Art of Feminine Business

Live Events and Retreats

In-person events and retreats allow you to step away from your everyday life and sink into high-vibe experiences to accelerate your growth.

The “Wounds Work”

How to be Visible the Feminine Way

See how feminine spirit-based business coaching and photography work together to create magnetic marketing and deep healing.

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