Personal Intensive VIP Day

It’s time to create a business you truly love and that pays you abundantly!!

A personal Intensive VIP day is custom designed to fit your unique business and support you in growing to the next stage of financial success and personal fulfillment. The focus is will dramatically increasing your income while allowing you more freedom.

Are you ready to:

  • Learn practices that keep you connected to your Highest Self and Soul’s purpose as an aid to making decisions that grow your business in a healthy way?
  • Uncover the secret gifts that your childhood wounds that will allow you to attract clients magnetically?
  • Discover the core components to Feminine Marketing increasing your confidence and your influence in the world?
  • Design an inspired feminine marketing business plan for your next year?
  • Outline the strategies necessary to reach your Big Money Goals?

Dear Female Entrepreneur,

If you are like I was, you’ve spent years trying to implement marketing strategies that don’t fit your business, your way of interacting with the world, your soul’s longing. 
You’ve done this because all the ‘gurus’ say it’s the path to success.
But not matter how hard you try, success on the huge scale you long for, eludes you.

There is a better way.

The Art of Feminine Marketing allows you to create the influence and income you know in deep in your heart that you are meant to have, without having to sell your soul to a masculine way of doing things.
When I talk about Feminine Marketing, you might think it’s all flowers and nice words.

But that’s not me.

I’m mama bear fierce in my commitment to my clients.
I kickass when necessary.
I hold space for the tender, scared parts of you to heal.
And I don’t accept failure as an endpoint, but a gift for moving forward.

It is your time to step into your next lane of success.

You are ready to answer the sweet calling to be the biggest, most abundant, happy business owner you can.

I am here to show you what you cannot see from your current viewpoint, and help you map the path to your future.

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