Linda Patten

Linda Patten was very successfully running an event management company, but she was being called.

She had had two previous careers, as a Major in the army and as a high ranking corporate VP. She joined a network marketing company because she loved the product, but immediately noticed a lack of true leadership.

“I was drawn to teach these women how to achieve true leadership,” she said.

But this required that Linda step out from behind the curtain herself. We started by identifying her wounds and how they had prepared her to become a leader. We drew out the lessons so she understood her ideal clients intimately.

She learned that her women are all on a mission. They are movement makers who have no idea how to create a movement.

Linda was able to take this information and create a program that helps women leap into true, powerful leadership of  their own movements.

Today this formally reluctant leader is the hostess of one of the top rated radio programs on Voice America, has written several best selling books and is a highly respected 6- figure leader in the coaching industry.