I’ve been thinking lately about how we define success.

For so many women, success is something out there, in the future. It’s a goal to be worked toward and when they get close to it, the goal posts shift. It’s always the place they haven’t arrived at yet.

And that feeling of never quite reaching success? It sucks. It feels heavy and overwhelming. And not at all fun.

We forget about the 38 pounds we’ve lost and focus on the 8 left to go.

And that feeling of never quite achieving the goal, could actually stop us from any success. Because it robs us of happiness and happiness is a key to success.

I know this feeling. I get stuck sometimes in that place. I look at some of the people I’ve been hanging out with and think “Man, I’ll never get where they are.”

And I forget what I’ve achieved in my life, and in my biz.

I know I’m there because of how it feels. Like trying to paddle upstream, everything is hard. It’s not fun anymore. I’m tired at the end of the day and dreading the next day.

The cure is to pull out my list of happiness triggers.First-Key-to-a-Kickass-Biz

First up: getting out of my chair and moving around. If I can, I go for a walk in nature. Although I confess (and my husband will be surprised to hear this) today I mopped the kitchen instead of walking. And it felt good! (See… I do housework! Sometimes… not often… but still…)

Try moving when you feel down. The exercise will pump up you mood.

Next: music. Have a couple of songs on your play list that always stir up good memories and tune in when you feel down. Dance, sing and shake your booty.

Finally, take a walk down memory lane and note the things you have accomplished. You are here, still in business despite a tough economy the last couple of years. You have learned and continue to grow. That in itself is success.

Be proud of yourself. You’ve earned it!

And I’d love to hear about it. I challenge you to list ten things you have achieved in your business. I guarantee you’ll feel successful!

Brag about your successes on the Kickass Biz Community Group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mskickassbiz/ .  (If you list your ten, I’ll list mine! J)

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