I spent my life tapping down my power in order to be accepted and acceptable.

I never talked about the ghost in the attic when I was six. Who would believe me?

I never talked about the abuse in my first marriage- it was embarrassing, not that bad, and others had it worse anyway, I told myself.

I built my coaching practice to 6-figures hiding my magic, my ability to talk with Source, guides, angels and fairies. I didn’t think any of that would be acceptable,  and I thought that  it would cost me ALL of my clients.

And then, one day, I was asked to be smaller. To take up less space. To be less visible. 

I knew that to do so, I would have to disappear altogether.

I was shocked. And sad. And really hurt. I had tried so hard to be pleasing……(Like that EVER works!)

My inner dragon rose up. NOBODY puts baby in the corner.

Today I’m out. I’m rocking a new way of being, a new way of doing business.

I’m making more money, creating deeper connections, and have earned more respect by bringing all of me into my business. By daring to be BIG, speak with POWER, and expand my VISIBILITY.

To tell the truth that it’s not just action, but our ability to connect with Source/God/The Universe that will determine our success.

I just finished facilitating a live, three-day event filled with finely-tuned business savvy and deep transformation.

On the first day we transformed our core wounds from something to be “gotten over” into a deep well of wisdom, the keys to who we are meant to serve and how we attract and serve them. 

Then it got really fun.

We talked to money, explored the role of pleasure in feminine business building and witnessed our sisters releasing self-oppression andreclaiming the hidden, lost and shadow parts of themselves.

We dove into resistance and the gifts it brings.

And we danced the night away!

This was just the beginning.

The journey is continuing.

If you missed the event, you can still experience building your business the feminine way, with the Art of Feminine Marketing Mastermind.

Now I’m warning you.

I’m not for everybody.

I’m not for people who want to stay hidden, stay small, stay alone. I’m not for people who want to stay in their comfort zone, keep their magic secret.

I play with women who are ready to play big, make mistakes and fail forward over and over because the alternative is to let their dreams die. And they are too magnificent to do that!

I am passionate, and Mama Bear fierce in my commitment.

I will take stand for you when you are weak, hold your vision when you are tired, and celebrate the hell out of your successes.

I’ll show you how to tap into your Divine Feminine to create your dream business, and activate your Divine Masculine to take inspired action daily.

I invite you to consider what it would be like to have me in your corner, on your speed dial this year.

I invite you to stop tapping yourself down and bring all of you to your work.

This is your invite to schedule a complimentary connection call and see if the Art of Feminine Marketing is right for you.
Schedule a complementary call here  to explore.

With all my heart,

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